What ingredients do not use after pregnancy?

After pregnancy, skin care can be used normally. As long as the ingredients are safe, there is generally no effect on the fetus.However, pregnant mothers should also pay attention to avoid products containing certain ingredients, otherwise they may affect fetal development.

Pregnant mothers must not use different -dimensional A acid, flavors, hormones, salicylic acid, cyclolaric penta methane siliconane, oxidation benzol, retinol, phthalate, erythrin, pine camphor,Hu Monone, and skin care products containing heavy metals and alcohol containing lead, mercury and other ingredients.These ingredients will absorb the body of the pregnant woman through the skin, which will have a certain impact on the fetus.

Skin care products containing vitamin A acid, salicylic acid, etc. are best to avoid using drugs containing vitamin A acids during pregnancy, because there is a risk of deformed or miscarriage in the fetus, and oral salicylic acid drugs also have similar risks.

Although according to the current research, it is not enough to confirm that external use of A alcohol during pregnancy, that is, the skin care products of derivatives or salicylic acid derivatives of the retinyle (that is, vitamin A) can reach the same risk of abnormal abortion, butThese two types of skin care products themselves are easy to stimulate the skin, and it is recommended to use it with caution during pregnancy.

In addition, skin care products containing ingredients such as hormones, essential oils, flavors, and alcohol can also affect the normal growth and development of the fetus.Most of the skin care products with whitening effects contain lead, and lead belongs to heavy metals and is toxic. It will cause varying degrees of damage to various systems of pregnant women, which may cause fetal malformation or even abortion.Most of the products such as freckle and whitening contain mercury. Mermese mercury can enter the fetus through the placenta and accumulate in the fetal brain, causing abnormal development of the fetal brain, slow intellectual development, cerebral palsy, and malformations.

There are some efficient skin care products on the market, such as salicylic acid acne, retinol or nicotinamide whitening, etc., which may bring skin irritation during pregnancy. Be careful during pregnancy to avoid adverse effects on the fetus.

It is recommended not to excessively pursue the various complex effects of skin care products during pregnancy, and make a simple foundation moisturizing sunscreen.

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