What impact will pregnancy bring?The latest study states that brain changes are related to maternal behavior

China News Service, Beijing, November 23 (Reporter Sun Zi French) Siplinger’s academic journal "Nature-Communication" recently published a neuroscience paper showing that pregnancy may change the structure and function of the mother’s brain, and the structure of the mother’s brain can change, and the structure of the mother’s brain can changeThese changes are related to maternal behavior.The results of this study show that these changes may lead to maternal behavior during pregnancy and postpartum, such as motherhood attachment, nest building behavior, physiological response to infant signal, and attachment to mother and infant.

The paper states that pregnancy is related to severe hormone changes, but few people have previously known about the impact of pregnancy to the human nerve structure and function of the human body.

In order to study how pregnancy may cause the brain to change, the first author of the thesis and the author of the communications, the Dutch Amsterdam Medical Center (UMC) ElSeline Hoekzema and colleagues cooperated with colleagues to study 40 women before and during pregnancy.The condition after production, and the situation of 28 women after giving birth.They found that the "default network" (DMN (DMN, refers to the most active set of connected brain areas in the state of quietness) of the mother, which has enhanced pregnancy -related enhancement and re -back to the baseline level 1 year after childbirth.In addition, they found that DMN functional activity during pregnancy is related to the measurement data of maternal and infants at the postpartum period.

In this study, the author of the thesis also confirmed the gray volume change during pregnancy, which is related to the level of pregnancy and hormone.There was no change in the white structure during pregnancy.

The author said that the results of the study showed that pregnancy is related to changes in specific brain structure and function in DMN, and found that the network is potential to associate with maternal behavior during pregnancy and postpartum.However, they also reminded that they should pay attention to the results of these studies and cannot be used to prove the causality between brain changes and attachment.(over)

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