What if you are pregnant?

What if you are pregnant?The must -have water -free and dirty dry goods of expectant mothers

Various nutritional supplementary timetables during pregnancy

补 补 0-8 Week: tonic acid, anti-deformity

补 9-12 Week: Magnesium and vitamin A

::13-16: iodine supplementation

周 17-20 Week: Vitamin D and Calcium

周 周 ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥: Iron supplement

周 25-28 weeks: supplement food fiber, prevent constipation

周 29-32 weeks: supplementation of not saturated fatty acids

周 33-36 weeks: replenish fruits and vegetables

周 37-40 weeks: tonic vitamin B12 and vitamin K

Second, eat these foods often

Far away from ugly stretch marks

1. Tomatoes are rich in lycopene. Its antioxidant capacity is vitamin C20 times, and stretch marks are very strong.Pay attention to the cold of tomatoes, eat something else before eating.

2. The trotters are rich in collagen to effectively deal with stretch marks.But its fat content is high, don’t eat too much.

3. Kiwi is rich in vitamin C to prevent pigmentation and effectively reduce stretch marks.But the spleen and stomach deficiency of the spleen and stomach must not eat more.

Third, the expectant mothers move

Studies have found that expectant mothers do more sports infant IQ during pregnancy, and pregnant women who do 30 minutes of exercise every day give birth to eight points higher than those of children born with children sitting every day.

Fourth, the pregnant woman’s belly must not touch at will

Pregnant women are less than 36 weeks of pregnancy. Do not touch the belly frequently. This will cause uterine contraction and may lead to premature babies.Improper methods can also cause umbilical cord around the neck and fetal position.

5. Where are the weight during pregnancy?

Generally increased by 10-12.5kg.

Mainly: blood tissue solution is about 3kg, the fetus is about 3.5kg, the uterus and breasts are about 2.5kg, the placenta is about 0.5kg, and the amniotic fluid is about 0.5kg.In the first three months, the weight growth was not obvious, but in the middle of pregnancy, the weight increased significantly, and generally increased by 7-9kg.By the last 3 months, the weight increase will be slightly slower, and the increase of about 1kg per month.

Six, prepare for breastfeeding before delivery

1. Massage the breast nipples from August pregnancy, enhance the blood circulation of the breast, secrete more prolactin oxytocin, and help the postpartum prolactin.

2. From July to August, use small towels to dip the nipples with warm boiling water every day to prevent the nipples and cracks.

3. The depression or flat nipples are slowly pulled out.

Seven, the three major signs of labor

临 Pregnant moms have three major signals when giving birth: seeing red, pain and water breaking.

The last important thing to say three times!try to find

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