What happened to women’s cough during pregnancy, be careful of these incentives to hide

After pregnancy, female friends must maintain their bodies and have a healthy body to make the fetus healthier and give birth to a healthy baby. So what happened if the female friend always coughs during pregnancy?If these phenomena must find the cause of this disease, you can get the right medicine to achieve mute.Take a look at the following introduction.

1. Cold

Colds are one of the main reasons for pregnant women to cough.Women have a cold during pregnancy and cannot use drugs casually.Because drugs also threatened the fetus while strengthening the resistance of pregnant women and killing the germs.

Pregnant women can often be treated with food therapy due to cold, such as: red dates, pear boiled water, drink daily.For cough caused by cold, the method of diet therapy is more effective.If the cold is serious, pregnant women should seek medical treatment in time, follow the doctor’s order, and use drug treatment.

2. Physical weakness

Some pregnant women cough during pregnancy, and the cough disappears automatically after giving birth.This is because after women are pregnant, their bodies become yin deficiency, the five internal organs are annoying, lack of lungs, and sputum and fire.

For cough caused by body yin deficiency, pregnant women usually eat more foods that moisturize lungs and light, and do not eat greasy and spicy foods.It is more recommended: Chuanbei stewed pear, rock sugar stewed pear, etc. to moisturize the lungs of the lungs.

3. Infection

During pregnancy, respiratory tract infections, bronchitis, and laryngitis can also cause cough for pregnant women.Specific mothers cannot take medicine without authorization. They need to take the doctor after being diagnosed by a doctor.

It is recommended that prospective mothers: Frequent rinse of mouthwash can prevent respiratory tract infections, and honey lemonade can also alleviate the symptoms of sore throat.

Does pregnant women have an effect on the fetus?

After pregnant women cough, on the one hand, they will feel unwell, and on the other hand, they will worry that cough will affect the fetus.In fact, the cough itself does not have a great impact on the fetus, but the cause of cough will cause harm to the fetus.

1. Bacterial and virus infringement

Cough caused by colds mainly reflects two aspects of harm caused by the fetus.One is that the cold virus enters the fetus, which affects the development of the fetus, causing fetal diseases such as congenital heart disease or abnormal diseases such as rabbit lips. On the other hand, the toxins caused by the virus will affect the shrinkage of the uterus, causing premature and miscarriage of the fetus.

2. Careful medication

If the cough of pregnant women will cause harm to the fetus if accidental medication, it may cause fetal malformations or abortion.If pregnant women have a mild cough symptoms, they can relieve their condition through food treatment.If the cough is serious, you need to seek medical treatment in time, follow the doctor’s order, and take medicine.

3 Can I take medicine during cough during pregnancy?

Pregnant women’s cough is repeated, and drugs are often the first choice for pregnant women to treat cough.But given the particularity of pregnant women’s physique, how can we use medicine to ensure that the cough is recovered as soon as possible without causing harm to the fetus?

Through the introduction of the above article, we already know that pregnant women always cough during pregnancy. What is going on?If there is a cough, there may be a variety of situations, you must seek medical treatment in time, and take medicine and care work under the guidance of a doctor, so that you can restore yourself as soon as possible.Pregnant women must attach great importance to coughing during pregnancy, otherwise it will not affect the fetus.

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