What happened to the stomach pain in the early stages of pregnancy?

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Pregnancy is very nervous and excited for women, because in just a few months, the two -person world will become a family of three.But women who are pregnant for the first time do not understand how to deal with small problems during pregnancy, such as occasional stomach pain, or occasional special reactions, etc., which will cause anxiety in their hearts.Then we will give some explanations to expectant mothers around the problem of stomachache in the early days of pregnancy, hoping to eliminate the concerns of expectant mothers.

Why do I feel stomachache in the early stages of pregnancy?

First: Because the fetus continues to grow, the uterus will grow up. In this case, the stomach pain is not related, which is normal.

Second: increased uterine will directly affect the stomach, and the stomach will be under greater pressure, so expectant mothers will have stomach pain and upper abdomen compression.In addition, in addition to stomach pain, there will be a feeling of hot stomach. This is a normal phenomenon, and expectant mothers should not be anxious for this.

Third: The changes in the uterus directly affect the pelvic congestion, and it will also affect the ligament next to the uterus. This will make women feel sore in the lower abdomen, but in the early stage, stomach pain will not affect the fetal development.So expectant mothers can let go.

What should I do if my stomach hurts and is accompanied by bleeding?

If there is stomach pain and accompanied by bleeding at the beginning, you must go to a regular hospital for a comprehensive examination as soon as possible, because this is likely to be ectopic pregnancy.Time to deal with it, because this is likely to cause major bleeding or even the life of crisis maternal life.

Precautions for early pregnancy

First: Do not do anything when you are pregnant, or work normally and work.

Second: often change underwear and underwear, and take a bath frequently.However, it is recommended that pregnant women try not to take a bath, the best shower, and the water temperature should not be too high.

Third: expectant mothers should not have bad living habits, such as smoking, etc., which will cause fetal malformations.

Fourth: Pregnant women must control their emotions and maintain a good mood. At this time, they need to be more physical and cared for their wives. Otherwise, once the mood fluctuates too much, it will have a bad impact on the fetal development.

Fifth: No makeup, choose normal skin care products.

Sixth: Try not to go to a crowded place to avoid influenza and infectious diseases.

Expectant mothers must learn more related knowledge. If you want to be pregnant, you must learn well, and avoid having trouble after you encounter problems during pregnancy.In addition, take a walk frequently, or you can exercise a small amount, but not to be too tired.


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