What happened to expectant mothers often dizzy?5 reasons take you to understand the "truth" of dizziness during pregnancy

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Women after pregnancy are very hard, often with dizziness. Sometimes they even suddenly have dark eyes, and they can see nothing. They even fell to the ground. Many pregnant women think that this is just her early pregnancy.The response will naturally be fine after a period of time. As everyone knows, many pregnant women will still have dizziness in the third trimester.

So what causes dizziness during pregnancy?

After women, the level of hormone levels in the body changes, and it is difficult for pregnant women to adapt to such changes at once, and the body will change accordingly. Coupled with the common effect of estrogen and progesterone, various discomfort will showSymptoms, such as dizziness, nausea, vomiting, frequent urination, etc. These are often pregnancy reactions that often occur in early pregnancy. Most pregnant women may have one or more of them.Dizziness is one of them. If pregnant women are dizzy occasionally, there are no other problems, so after a while, this phenomenon will disappear naturally, and pregnant women do not need to worry too much.

However, in the early pregnancy, pregnant women should pay more attention to rest, let themselves relax their body and mind, listen to soothing music, and turn their attention. Appropriate activities can also help relieve dizziness.

Generally after pregnancy, the blood volume of the blood circulation system will increase, and the blood flowing to the fetus during the unit time will increase. The nutrients and oxygen they carry can be provided to the fetus for growth and development.Decreased, so that the blood pigment of pregnant women will be low.If you don’t pay attention to intake of iron, protein, folic acid and other vitamins, anemia is prone to occur.In fact, that is, -when the fetus is grabbing things with pregnant women, when the fetus needs blood and oxygen, the mother will give priority to the blood and oxygen in the body.Anemia occurs, and the symptoms of anemia are often dizziness, or when they are squatting for a while, they will be dark in front of them. This is the manifestation of insufficient brain blood supply and hypoxia in the brain.

Therefore, if the pregnant woman is dizziness caused by anemia, it is necessary to pay attention to supplementing nutrition, mainly to supplement iron and protein, because these two are indispensable substances in the blood, and folic acid should also pay attention to supplement. It forms a blood cell wall wall wall.The raw materials are also particularly important. Vitamin can promote the absorption of iron in pregnant women, and it is also an indispensable nutritional element.In terms of food selection, you can eat some grains, peanuts, Ejiao, etc., and nuts of nuts, which can help pregnant women with anemia to relieve symptoms.

The fetus is growing at the speed of "visible to the naked eye" in the stomach of the pregnant woman every day. He will constantly obtain the required nutrients and energy from the body of the pregnant woman.Pregnant women may appear because they do n’t eat if they are not hungry, or they ca n’t eat meals at work, but the fetus itself does not know, and the resources of the mother constantly "plunder" the mother’s body.Hypoglycemia due to lack of energy.The manifestation of hypoglycemia is dizziness and even syncope. Sometimes it is accompanied by palpitations, fatigue, cold sweat, etc., which are generally because of less eating.

Pregnant women often have hypoglycemia, which will also affect the development of the fetus. At different stages of pregnancy, they will also cause varying degrees of deformity. And dizziness or fainting caused by hypoglycemia will also cause pregnant women to fall.More dangerous things happen.Therefore, pregnant mothers must pay attention to their own diet, not only to ensure the balanced diet, but also to ensure that the intake of nutrition is sufficient to the fetus and their own needs., Eggs, Nuts, you can also bring some chocolate at any time to supplement energy at any time.

Pregnant women’s hypotension can also cause dizziness, and pregnant women may suddenly stand up or suddenly stand up or take the elevator.This is because the blood pressure of pregnant women decreases, the blood flow of the brain decreases, and the oxygen transportation in the blood will decrease, and there will be insufficient blood supply to the brain and hypoxia in the brain.Essence

If the blood pressure of pregnant women is often relatively low, the situation does not need to do special treatment, but do n’t worry when squatting and standing.Hold the armrest to prevent accidental falling.

Pregnant women habitually maintain a posture for a long time, such as lying on supine or lying on the sofa to watch TV. If you do not move for a long time, you will cause dizziness.Compression leads to insufficient blood supply to the heart and brain, which causes dizziness.The way to prevent dizziness from dizziness is to try not to keep a posture on the side or lie down for a long time. After a while, they must change their posture to reduce the body’s compression of the lower cavity veins. Dizziness will naturally relieve.

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