What happened to dreaming at night?

"Women dream of getting pregnant, indicating the increase in happiness and material wealth. Dreaming of pregnant women, unmarried women can hardly find objects; even if they get married, marriage will have problems, such as quarrels" ——- "Zhou GongDream Interpretation "

Most people believe that women who dream of getting pregnant are women who are pregnant or married and want to have children.In fact, we may not find that many young girls or elderly people will have such a dream.The ancient "Zhou Gong Dream Interpretation" naturally exists, but this is just a one -sided solution.I see a variety of cases in the process of interpretation of dreams, and summarize here.

1. Young girl dreams of pregnancy

Girls who have not loved their love have a dream of pregnancy. If the dream is happy, it means that you really want to get happy love. While envy others, there is a subconscious "how good I should be like this"Thinking, so it will be reflected in the dream; if the dream is distressed, you may have trouble recently.

Love girls dream of pregnancy, and happy dreams indicate the increase of happiness. If they are distressed about their pregnancy, they must examine their lifestyle.

2. Women dream of getting pregnant

There is a woman who has not been pregnant for many years, dreaming of her pregnancy. This is a full manifestation of dreams "thinking about the sun and dreaming at night".This is very normal, but it is recommended that dreamers try to relax as much as possible, because if you are too nervous, you are unhealthy for pregnancy.

Generally, women with children dream of getting pregnant, there will be two solutions. One is that the family is very happy at present, and the other is just the opposite. It is likely that the husband’s negligence on his wife. When the wife wants to return to the period of just marriage, nostalgia is nostalgic for new marriage.Happy time.

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