What happened after giving birth?The doctor teaches you 4 tricks, relieved low back pain and no trouble

Many women want to give birth to their children soon during pregnancy. They think that after production can make their bodies easier, and most women will have back pain after production. This makes them feel strange.The cause of the placenta and hormones causes back pain, but why is there back pain after production?In fact, back pain after delivery is also suitable for some reasons during pregnancy.

Some postpartum back pain is due to the increase in the body in the body due to the increase of hormones during pregnancy. The increase in this hormone will relax the joints of women, increase the activity of the sacroiliac joint, and then cause lumbar spine to occur.The phenomenon of stability, and as the post -pregnancy period increases, the center of gravity of the body moves backwards. After a long time, it will lead to low back pain. Because this kind of back pain exists for a long time, it will beIt is not possible to disappear immediately, so it also causes back pain in postpartum.

In addition, some pregnant women blindly supplement nutritional products because they feel too weak, leading to their weight gradually rising. While the weight increases, the symptoms of low back pain will increase.

1. Pay attention to breastfeeding posture

Making breastfeeding after giving birth is a thing that many pregnant women do. When breastfeeding, try to choose a chair with support on the waist, or put a small pillow on the waist, so as to make a good support for the waist to prevent low back pain.

2. Reduce the number of bending times

After giving birth, we must take good protection measures for the waist. When changing diapers for children, you can choose a highly suitable maternal and infant desk to help replace it. Try not bend over when raising heavy objects.

3. Choose a mattress that suits you

Some women like more soft mattresses, but too soft mattresses can damage the waist and increase low back pain. Therefore, it is recommended that the mother should choose a mattress that suits them and try not to choose a too soft bed.

Fourth, use painkillers

When the pain is more severe, some painkillers can be taken, such as acetaminol, ibuprofen, etc. These are the effects of rapid pain, but the mother needs to consult a doctor or read the instructions in detail when taking it.

Luo Yanxia, deputy director of the obstetrics department of the Guangdong Maternal and Child Health Hospital, has been interviewed and said that many women will have symptoms of back pain after giving birth, mainly due to pain symptoms on one side of the waist or sides of the waist.After a long sitting, you will feel that you can’t stand back pain back pain, especially after exercise, the symptoms of soreness will be more serious, and the symptoms will slowly reduce the symptoms after rest. This symptom of low back pain can generally be relieved or completely disappeared in about one month.

In general, the phenomenon of low back pain after production is mainly due to some reasons during pregnancy and some improper care after childbirth, so the maternal care must be taken after giving birth, and these methods can be used to relieve their back pain.In addition, when the back pain is severe, you must go to the hospital to consult the doctor in time, and you cannot blindly or frequently use painkillers.

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