What examinations do I need to do before pregnancy?These 4 are "standard". Women don’t miss it anymore

Capacity before pregnancy is the basis of eugenics and excellence. It can not only eliminate infectious diseases in time, but also produce healthy and lovely babies.If a hereditary disease and metabolic disease occur temporarily, you must not be pregnant for the time being, and you must prepare after comprehensive treatment.

1. pathogen examination

When a infection in the uterus, it will affect the normal growth and development of the fetus. Before pregnancy, it is necessary to do disease -related examinations. The most common is toxoplasma, giant cytosyolic virus, and rubella virus. No matter which pathogen is suffering fromDuring pregnancy, fetal infections are caused, which causes fetal malformation, abortion and congenital intelligence.If a period of viral infection before pregnancy is not pregnant, it must be completely cured before pregnancy.In addition, you also need to do routine blood tests. This can timely discover whether platelet reduction, anemia, and leukemia have occurred in time. Once abnormalities occur, you must be pregnant before the doctor’s consent.

2. Hepatical and hepatitis B virus examination

Only women with normal liver and kidney function can get pregnant.If a woman has a viral hepatitis, it may cause premature or newborn to die because hepatitis virus will spread through maternal and infants.If you detect abnormalities in Da Sanyang or liver function, you should avoid pregnancy.If hepatitis B Xiaoyang appears, you should go to the hospital again for the hepatitis B virus DNA examination. It mainly see if there is still contagious. If the DNA detection is negative, you can get pregnant, but the child should be injected in time within 24 hours after birth, Prevent infection with hepatitis B virus.

3. Gynecological examination

Before pregnancy, a comprehensive gynecological examination is required, because when syphilis spiral or primary, the fetal palace infection may be caused, which affects the normal growth and development of the fetus.When the above microbial infection occurs, the time to conceive should be delayed and a regular hospital should be selected for treatment.In addition, you need to do a B -ultrasound before pregnancy to see the attachments and the uterus.

4. Examination and ECG in sexually transmitted diseases

Before preparing for pregnancy, it is necessary to do related examinations such as syphilis, AIDS or genital herpes to avoid affecting the health of the fetus and pregnant women.If you do a tuberculosis, you must be cured completely before you get pregnant, so as not to be transmitted to the fetus.In addition, if ECG finds arrhythmia or myocardial ischemia, you should temporarily stop your pregnancy.

Kind tips

Only eugenics can have a healthy and cute baby. In addition to doing a good job, you must also do good care in life, stay away from chemical poisons and radiation, and cannot contact some heavy metals.

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