What exactly does it look like in October?The fetus has changed every month, and ten pictures make you understand

Pregnancy and having children are the most memorable things in every woman’s life, the greatest and most sacred things, and even unprecedented miracles.The encounter of eggs and sperm is not easy. From fertilized eggs to newborns who fell to the ground, the mothers created the miracles of life for ten months.

There are a lot of treasures in doubt that what does the baby look like in the mother’s belly 10 months?This group of "most vivid" fetal development map allows us to feel the magic of life again.

In the first month of pregnancy (early pregnancy)

In the evening of a husband and wife, the sperm broke through the heavy resistance and finally combined with the eggs.The fertilized eggs develop, bed, and enter the warm uterus. After January, the baby has grown into the size of "egg".

Bao Ma, who has a fierce response during pregnancy, has begun to appear dizziness, fatigue and vomiting, and Baoma, who is not intense, may only be delayed as menstruation, and even some novice mothers have not realized that she has pregnant her baby.

The second month of pregnancy (early pregnancy)

In the second month of conceived the baby, Baoma could feel a strong pregnancy reaction, and vomiting and nausea made the Baoma a little weak.At this time, the baby’s baby has grown rapidly, and there is already a small prototype. The menstrual interruption of the mothers, and the uterine wall has become thinner and thinner.

The third month of pregnancy (early pregnancy)

Babies are growing rapidly day and night, and Baoma will feel that their meals increase significantly.Subsequently, the baby gradually stabilized, occupying the entire uterus of the mother, and the uterus became larger as the baby grew, and soon he would press the bladder of the mothers.

The fourth month of pregnancy (second trimester)

In the fourth month of pregnancy, the baby is faster!Bao mothers also began to show their arms, obviously they could feel that their bodies were heavy a lot.The uterine wall becomes bigger and thinner, and slowly compresses the bladder of Baoma. Some Baoma may have symptoms of frequent urination.

In the fifth month of pregnancy (second trimester)

The baby’s head is getting bigger and bigger, and more nutrition needs to be absorbed. Moms must pay attention to supplementing nutrition.In the fifth month, the pregnant belly of Baoma could not hide it, and the loose and comfortable clothes became the first choice, and the squat shoelaces slowly became difficult.

The uterus is still growing slowly, and the pelvis grows. Moms can gradually feel that the baby moves in the belly, and even at the position of two or three cm below the navel, the mothers can touch the uterus.

Sixth months of pregnancy (second trimester)

The bodies of Baoma became more and more bulky, and the color Doppler ultrasound could clearly see the baby’s outline.Almost all discomfort in the early pregnancy disappeared.The baby is very stable in the mother’s belly, and the appetite of the Baoma will become better and better.

Seventh month of pregnancy (second trimester)

In the growth of the baby, the uterus is still growing, almost against the gastrointestinal and intestines of Baoma.In the seventh month, the amount of meals of Baoma became small because of the pressure of the uterus. When I ate it, I was hungry. I ate it when I was hungry.Moms’ weight grows rapidly, and sometimes symptoms of lower body edema.

Eighth month of pregnancy (late pregnancy)

Bao Ma, who is pregnant with a big belly, may not be able to see her feet in her head. The bodies of Baoma are getting more and more bulky. Even the toilet has become a problem, and the quality of sleep will gradually decline.

Ninth month of pregnancy (late pregnancy)

The baby has occupied her mother’s stomach and compressed her gastrointestinal and intestines tightly.Moms can hardly eat, and occasionally have the symptoms of palpitations and dizziness. Drinking light and nutritious soup should make the Baoma feel a lot better.

Tenth month of pregnancy (late pregnancy)

The baby is about to be born, and the mother is about to unload the goods. At this time, the mothers are usually in a state of excitement, nervousness and anxiety.Three days before the due date, Baoma can take into account the hospital for related examinations and choose the best production method according to their own situation.

It is not easy to be a woman, it is not easy to be a mother.The mothers and mothers were sad and sorrowful during pregnancy, and they needed to care and take care of the Bao dads.After the production, Baoma needs a lot of restraint in her body. In the confinement, Bao’s father also has more relationships to protect Baoma. Do not let Baoma fall into depression because of sadness.

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