What errors do children make?When you are thrown on the highway, when will the Chinese people roll off?

On June 21, on the highway road in Huangmei section in Hubei, a mother returned to her hometown in Jiangxi with her fifteen -year -old daughter.Because the child did not take a good monthly exam, the mother and daughter had a dispute in the car. The mother rushed out of the car and threw it on the highway road.Thanks to the traffic police on the road, she found the girl and sent her to her parents.

People without a child are looking forward to a child. How many people are there in the hospital to see how many people are in the infertility college?After finally having a child, in the early stages of pregnancy, he was afraid of miscarriage, taking medicine, bed in bed, and babies.Think about when our children were still in the stomach. Is it as long as the child is healthy, normal, and not stupid?Even if the child grows ugly, it is not a problem.Pray for every check and pray for his health, because people are under pressure now, and it is not easy to have a child.

After the child was born, parents felt that my child was the best, and the world was unparalleled.Provide everything you provide as much as possible, no matter whether the child is willing or not, or whether the child can learn, anyway, you have to keep up with the inner troops. What other people will learn, and their children have to learn.

If the child does not learn well, he starts to pressure and feel that the child does not work hard.Do not allow you to go out and watch TV. It is required that children are like a machine every day.If you do n’t give your child a chance to breathe, I feel that Lao Tzu has given you money, you have to learn to learn hard, so as to forget the original intention of growing up as long as he grows up.

Comparing with other children’s children, I feel that their children are very bad, and they are not. Every day, they abuse their children, and even domestic violence children, causing difficult psychological injuries to the child without knowing it. Even some people, children are forced to be forcedLeaving home and even committing suicide, I still feel right.

It feels that Chinese education is rolled up in this parent, and it will make a panic atmosphere every day.The child’s grades are good, and they are proud of in front of other parents, just like their children’s champion.When the child’s grades were bad, they scolded the child and said how much money it was spent and kidnapped the child morally.

Just like the mother on the Hubei Expressway, her daughter did not take a monthly test, just like a big mistake, and threw the child on the highway regardless of the safety of the child’s life.I thought I was very powerful and would educate children very much.Such a person is not worthy of being a mother. Is she doing every test for each test?No one is perfect, isn’t the child who has a bad grade worthy of life?

The theory of grades itself is morbid.Everyone has one aspect of goodness, and there are also aspects that are not good at.If the grade is not good, but this child is kind, diligent, brave, responsible, and strong, isn’t he a good child?

Educating children, please focus on encouragement. Children also have self -esteem. With his own thoughts, he is not an item, not an animal, and he is also an individual.Don’t think you are, oppress the young as your elders, and be careful if you lose it, you will regret it.When the child was young, give the child sufficient love.Just as plants need sunlight air water, children need love.Only when you love enough can you grow into a person with health and positive energy.

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