What does the baby feel during pregnancy?Don’t be shy, this picture is too strong

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Yesterday, Jing’s high school classmate called me. He said that his wife was pregnant recently. The doctor said that the couple during pregnancy is best not to have the same room, but he is very energetic. Recently, he can’t help it.The circle of friends often post some articles about pregnancy and parenting knowledge, so ask: when can I have the same room with my wife.Mother Jing told him the precautions and time of the same room during pregnancy. When the phone was hung, he suddenly asked me: "When you said that when I was in sex with my wife, would the children in the stomach feelah?"

For this curious good classmate, Jing’s mother couldn’t help it.But this is true. Except for the first three months and the next three months of the pregnant woman, in order to prevent abortion and premature birth, it is not recommended that the husband and wife are in the same room.When the husband and wife lived by the husband and wife for nearly eleven months, it will indeed affect family relationships.Also studying during pregnancy during pregnancy can help reduce depression and postpartum depression during pregnancy.

1. Sension

When men and women have sex, the woman’s uterus will have slight contraction, which is a normal phenomenon.The fetus is not particularly large, and there are many amniotic fluid.

In the same room during pregnancy, because the baby is still wrapped in the uterus, when the uterus is shrinking, the baby inside will feel it.For babies, this feeling seems to be a small environment around him.However, because the baby’s body is soaked in amniotic fluid, the sense of contraction is not strong. He will realize that his mother’s uterus has movement, but he doesn’t know what he is doing.

2, impact sense

When the husband and wife live in the husband and wife, they will have a impact action. Everyone knows it is very clear.If it is during pregnancy, the baby in this action will feel it.For him, he should feel that his mother’s body was shaking, making him feel that his body was also trembling.Of course, in general, the husband and wife take care of the baby’s existence, and the movements are generally not too large, so the baby will not have too strong vibration.It is worth noting that if the mother finds that the baby in the belly has a large movement during this period, you should pay attention to stopping the action. It may be that the baby is telling you that your movements have a greater impact on him.

3. Mom’s heartbeat

When the husband and wife live, the mother’s heartbeat will accelerate, which is a normal psychological phenomenon.The baby in the body will also feel the faster heartbeat of the mother than usual. The baby who is affected by this may start to be excited, and the fetal movement will be a little more frequent.

1. Pay attention to pose

If you do a house during pregnancy, the action must not be as hesitant as usual. Many postures should pay attention. Even if the two parties have gently put the movement, there are some postures.Essence

2. Be careful bleeding phenomenon

In men and women’s houses, when the emotions are violently ups and downs, it is difficult to control it. It is inevitable that the amplitude of movement will be greater. Slightly fierce, it is impossible to take care of the baby in the stomach.Such violent movements have a great impact on children, and may even lead to premature birth, which mainly manifests as female lower body bleeding.When you encounter this situation, you must seek medical treatment right away.

3, unwell too long

Mom is more sensitive when she is pregnant, so it is not recommended to last too long, so as not to be too excited and affect the health of the fetus.

Do you think of the baby’s feelings when the husband and wife are in the same room?Without shyness, the baby’s feelings are mild. Just pay more attention and be careful of the precautions above, and you can give birth to a cute and healthy baby.However, even if the baby has no problem, Bao Da Bayao should pay attention to restraint, and there will be too many times to afford the burden on Bao Ma’s body.

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