What does ovulation feel?How to calculate ovulation time?Be sure to pay attention to these points

Is it possible to increase the chance of conception?You must know these knowledge.

Many husbands and wives will put pregnancy on the agenda after getting married, but sometimes the more prepared, the more difficult it is to complete what you want.Instead, those who want contraception can always win the bid.What is going on?

In fact, ovulation has a certain rule. Everyone’s ovulation time is different, but most of the characteristics are the same.When women ovulate, most of their bodies feel, but they do n’t pay much attention to the existence of these small changes.So what does ovulation feel?

Women are yin. Normally, the temperature that women feel at the same temperature are much lower than men, so women’s body temperature is a few degrees higher than men.When ovulation, this feature will become particularly obvious.Because in the ovulation period, the yellow realization will gradually be formed.

The luteal is a gonad -like structure formed by ovulate follicles. In the process of the eggs from the uterus and vagina, the follicles will quickly change.The inner wall began to collapse, the capillaries quickly entered, and then the volume continued to grow. Eventually, a cellular group with abundant blood vessels was formed. Because it appeared yellow when it was formed, it was called luteum.

Aleurium can produce a progesterone, which is a progesterone and a natural progesterone.This progesterone can stimulate the central nervous nerve of the hypothalamus to control the body temperature and increase the body temperature of the human body.

In addition, progesterone is still a signal logo. Once progesterone appears, it means that pregnancy may be achieved.At this time, the uterus began to make "preparation". The inner wall of the uterus increased, and the gland grew, making preparations for fertilized eggs.

The date of ovulation is generally about 15 days before the next menstruation. When ovulation, the body changes, and a large amount of estrogen is secreted.As soon as the increase in estrogen in the body, it will promote the hyperplasia of the breast ducts, which will cause the edema of the mammary tissue. At this time, breast pain will be felt.

However, in general, breast pain caused by ovulation is mild. Compared with the breast pain when menstruation comes, the pain of ovulation can be said to be minimal, so many people do not realize this problem.However, some women, whether the ovulation period or menstrual period, the breasts are very painful. At this time, you must pay attention. It is not necessarily the pain caused by estrogen. You need to go to the hospital for examination.

Lands are a mucosal secretion that consists of vaginal mucosa, endometrial and cervical glandular secretions.Each woman has leucorrhea, and the amount is different according to the physical condition and the level of estrogen in the body.Starting from puberty ovarian development, vaginals are discharged from vagina every time.In addition to normal metabolism, the leucorrhea is also responsible for cleaning the vagina.

Especially when the ovulation period comes, leucorrhea will gradually increase.The reason is that the uterus will secrete a large amount of estrogen during ovulation, and a large amount of mucus secretes the cervical endometrium.At this time, under the action of estrogen, the cervix mouth will be larger than before, so a large amount of secretions will be discharged.

The color of the leucorrhea also changes with the approaching ovulation day.When the uterus was only secreted by the leucorrhea, some of the uterus was mixed with some of the uterus, so the color was slightly turbid.The closer to the ovulation day, the more transparent the leucorrhea is, just like an egg white, and the amount is increasing.When the eggs are discharged from the body, the leucorrhea becomes turbid and scarce.

Normal leucorrhea has no odor, and the color is relatively thorough. If there is a odor or is extremely turbid, it is likely to have inflammation or other diseases. It is better to seek medical treatment in time.

The ovulation period is the most vigorous period in the body. Estrogen can stimulate the various organs of the body, and can also stimulate other hormones in the body, such as sex hormones.The human body can be regarded as a large ecosystem. Each organ is connected by nerves, and information between them also interoperate.

When the estrogen in the body reaches the highest level, the corresponding level of sex hormones will reach the highest level. At this time, it will stimulate the sex organs, stimulate the central nervous nerve of the control of the sex organs, and the sexual organs present a state of congestion, which enhances desires.The ovulation period is the period when women’s desires are the strongest. At this time, the chance of pregnancy in the same room is very high.However, this is a normal physiological phenomenon. Everyone is like this and does not need to worry too much.

Some people say that this has a certain connection with the enhancement of desire.During the ovulation period, more estrogen in women’s body increased and sexual desire increased. Most of the attention was placed on the opposite sex, and natural appetite decreased greatly.This statement is not completely correct. Most of the reasons are the changes in hormones in the body.

During the ovulation period, estrogen can stimulate various hormones and organs in the body, and appetite will be partially affected.Some people will increase their appetite during ovulation, and appetite greater appetite, and they like to eat some foods that do not eat much.

But some people have greatly reduced their appetite, have no appetite, and are weak.This is because everyone has a different response to the level of hormones. Some people can quickly adapt to the changes in hormones in the body. Some people can’t stand it for a while, so the symptoms are different.

After ovulation, follicles will grow rapidly and develop, and sometimes too fast growth will cause follicles to rupture.Once the follicles are ruptured, the eggs and cellular fluid in the follicles will enter the pelvic cavity together, and the effusion in the pelvis will become more.Sometimes I feel that the pain of the lumbar during menstruation is caused by too much pelvic effusion, so the waist pain and lower abdomen pain during ovulation are too much.

The vaginal bleeding is because the rupture follicles destroy the balance of the internal environment of the uterus. The estrogen has fallen into the pelvic effusion, and the estrogen in the uterus becomes less, causing the structure of the endometrium to change, and some uterine endometrium fall off.The phenomenon of the phenomenon is the same as the production process of menstruation, and the way to bleed can be bleed.However, this situation will weaken with the emergence of luteum.

Generally speaking, women’s ovulation days are about 15 days after menstruation. If your menstrual cycle is relatively fixed, with a cycle on the 28th or 30th, your ovulation day is about half a month after menstruation.

If the time of menstruation is not fixed, you can observe the changes in leucorrhea and body temperature.When leucorrhea secretions are becoming more and more transparent and clear, this is your ovulation day.Similarly, monitoring your body temperature can also infer the rough ovulation day.

However, the most effective way is to go to the hospital to do a B -ultrasound to judge their ovulation day. The doctor will give you an accurate time by observing the follicles in the uterus. This is the most rigorous method.

Women’s ovulation is a normal physiological phenomenon and has certain rules.Only by mastering these specific rules can we prepare for pregnancy and contraception scientific and reasonable.

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Author: Xiao Abe School Manuscript: Li Zi

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