What does HCG and progesterone value explain?

Today we will talk about the reference value of HCG and progesterone values

The full name of HCG is called chorionic gonadotropin.On the 6th day after the fertilization, the placental nourishing layer cells started to secrete, and then increased at a rate of double the next day.By the time of pregnancy 8 to 10 weeks, HCG reached its peak and declined after about 10 days.

By detecting changes in HCG in human blood and urine content, you can judge pregnancy, abortion, and so on.Generally 10 days after fertilization, it can be measured from the serum of the mother.With the first morning urine test, there are two lines of early pregnancy test strips, which is positive, which basically indicates that pregnancy is pregnant.If the blood test is drawn, the normal value of the normal blood HCG is less than 10, and the normal value of β-HCG is less than 3.1. If the β-HCG on the test report is more than 5, it means that you may be pregnant.pregnant.

Some pregnant mothers see that their HCG value is lower than the pregnant mother with the same due date and is very nervous, and she is worried about whether they will have a prevalence of abortion and abortion.In fact, the normal value of HCG varies from person to person, if excessive tension affects the baby.We only need to pay attention to the relative changes of HCG under the guidance of a doctor. Generally, don’t pay too much attention to the absolute value.If HCG stops double the next day, it may indicate abnormal pregnancy.However, HCG is not an indicator that can be confirmed, but also needs to be combined with other inspections to find out the situation.

Periation is a natural progesterone secreted by ovarian luteum and placenta, also known as progesterone.It can protect women’s endometrium and maintain pregnancy.

Before pregnancy, the progesterone content will change with the menstrual cycle. The follicle period is the first day of menstruation to the ovulation day. The progesterone value is very low, generally less than 2 Narmore per liter.After ovulation, a large amount of progesterone will be produced. After ovulation, it will rise rapidly and will continue for 10 to 14 days. Then if you do not get pregnant, it will suddenly decrease. By the first 4 days before menstruation, it will return to the level of the follicle period.

If you are pregnant, the concentration of progesterone will be maintained at 60 Nonorm, or 20 nakes per microchemical. Until the full moon, the serum progesterone level increases stable with the increase during pregnancy.A reasonable progesterone concentration is conducive to fertilized eggs in bed, ensuring fertilized eggs and fetal can grow safely in the uterine cavity. At the same time, it can also promote breast development and prepare for lactation.

It is recommended that you also check for progesterone for three months in the early pregnancy to find possible problems in time.For women with abortion experience or irregular menstruation, it is necessary to check progesterone as soon as possible.The progesterone value is the same as the HCG value. The difference between different people is very different, so do not compare with others. It mainly depends on its own upward trend.

Even if the progesterone value is lower than the normal range, the pregnant mother should not be too worried, let alone eat the ketone by yourself.Let the doctor first determine whether you are really abnormal based on your previous test results, and then combine other examinations to give reasonable diagnosis and treatment.

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