What does a pregnant woman mean when dreaming about it?Comprehensive analysis!

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The relatives’ sons are now in their 10s, but so far I have mentioned their magical fetal dreams to others. When relatives were pregnant, I dreamed that a python was entangled on the tree. At that time, I was scared.Dragon, taking off, rushing for nine days, his relatives woke up and hurriedly went outside to see.Relatives listened to the old man saying that dreaming of a dragon snake would have a son. He was so happy but did not believe it. I did not expect that it was really a boy who was born in the end.

Is the baby dream so magical?Look at these mothers say that.

Be careful: I once dreamed of snakes, swimming in the direction of my sister. At that time, I heard a Kenya classmate saying that if they dreamed that the snake said that your dear love may be pregnant, but the sister was really really likeI am pregnant and feels amazing. Although it is very superstitious, such superstitions can be believed for so long. I think it must have its magic.

Mother Xiaotao: I had a dream before I was pregnant. I dreamed that a baby was sitting and playing on my stomach. At that time, I felt particularly real. As a result, I was pregnant on the second month.I really have been pregnant for many years.

Mother Liu: I think the flowers of flowers blooming with daughters are particularly accurate. At that time, I dreamed that I was surrounded by flowers. I really gave birth to my daughter.

There are many beautiful legends about fetal dreams

If you dream of a flower snake or a little snake, and the white snake, he indicates that there is a cute daughter.If you dream of pigeons, carp, flowers, flowers may have a daughter.If you dream of praying at the sea, you may have a daughter.If you dreamed of dragon, snake, and python may have a boy.Dreaming of the tsunami and waves may give birth to a boy safely …, many older generations of fetal dreams, how much authenticity cannot be fixed, but at least it is a beautiful thought in the pregnant mother’s heart.

If there are too many dreams during pregnancy and a lot of nightmares, you need to pay more attention to your mental state. You must pay more attention to relax, so as not to affect yourself and the fetus.Put the concerns of the properly due to dreams.


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