What does "don’t spit in the morning, don’t leak fine water at noon, and don’t sweat at night" What does it mean?Middle -aged and elderly people must pay attention to

When people reach middle -aged and elderly people, on the one hand, the physiological function is normal, and the spirit is bad.Realistic contradictions have caused many health concepts, including many insights, including diet, prevention, mentality, exercise and many other aspects.water".

"Do not spit in the morning, do not leak fine water at noon, and do not sweat at night." It comes from folk saying, or it is summarized from the Chinese medicine classics.Dry, fine water, and sweat are human body fluids. What do they mean?What is the guidance significance in modern times?

1. Do not spit in the morning.

Vocals, in ancient times, it was called Yuquan and Tianhe water. The scientific name was fluid and saliva.Traditional Chinese medicine has the saying that "one -point fluid and vitality", which shows that saliva is a aspect that cannot be ignored in health.

Volume is secreted in the salivary glands of the oral cavity, which comes from the two important organs of the human body.The thin saliva is born of the spleen, and the spleen is the basis of the day after tomorrow. The thick saliva is born from the kidney.However, saliva is not sputum, and saliva can be reused. Sputum is human waste. The two have essential differences.

After one night of rest, the human body is complete, and the yang is complete.Chinese medicine has the saying that "kidney liquid is spit", indicating that saliva is closely related to kidney qi.The saliva is spit off, and the kidney qi is drained, and swallowing can help nourish the kidney and the spleen.

Modern studies have shown that 99%of saliva composition is water, and the remaining 1%of the beneficial ingredients such as electrolyte, lysic enzyme, inorganic salt, immunoglobulin, and amylase are pity.

There are two meanings of extension:

First, some middle -aged and elderly people often drool during sleep. These phenomena occur repeatedly. Pay attention to find out the three questions: whether it is oral inflammation, whether there is Parkinson’s disease, or whether a cerebral thrombosis warning.

The second is that saliva also has the meaning of "mouth corner". The one -day plan lies in the morning, quarrel in the morning, affects good moods, destroys luck and health, and should be avoided as much as possible.

2. No fine water at noon.

Fine water, with innate essence and acquired essence. They are closely linked to the kidneys. The Yellow Emperor’s Internal Classic believes that the fine water is hidden in the five internal organs, flows to the kidneys, and translates into the essence of reproductive, which can reproduce offspring.Whether it is the essence of innate or the acquired essence, the lack of deficiency causes deficiency of deficiency, and then the evil is born and causes the disease.

The fine water generally refers to the essence of reproductive, which can reproduce offspring, promote development, and biomedicize blood. The most common problem is "injury". Chinese medicine calls the disease "kidney deficiency, kidney deficiency".Forgotten, soft legs, cold limbs, infertility, etc. are also closely related to yang.

At noon is the most prosperous period of the human body. At this time, it should be maintained and adhered to. It is better to take a short break, rather than doing the diarrhea.If you do this often, the problem of yang deficiency comes out.

There are two meanings of extension:

First, a large amount of blood supply to the gastrointestinal digestion after lunch. At this time, you should pay attention to rest, instead of allowing the reproductive system and digestive system to fight for qi and blood. Otherwise, it will interfere with and disrupt the operation of the digestive system.

The second is that the husband and wife live at noon. The work and work in the afternoon are affected, which not only hurts, but also affects work efficiency.

3. Do not sweat at night.

Sweating is the normal physiological phenomenon of the human body. Traditional Chinese medicine believes that "sweat is homologous" and "sweat is the liquid of the heart."Khan is transformed by the fluid, the more sweat, the more you will dissipate the fluid, which will hurt blood, sadness, and heart yang.

The normal excretion of sweat is conducive to accelerating circulating metabolism, controlling blood pressure, promoting digestion and excretion, and improving immunity. However, the timing of exercise is particular, otherwise it will hurt yang.

Some people like to exercise at night, especially after 21:00. At this time, according to the human body operation rules, it belongs to the convergence of qi and blood, and is ready to sleep.Choosing to exercise at this time can easily cause lack of qi and blood.

Modern studies have shown that at night, hormones are highly excited with exercise, which will affect sleep.And if the outdoor exercise sweats a lot, it is easy to get cold when the temperature is low, which will damage the body.

There are two meanings of extension:

The first is to conform to the sky, rest at a little rest, nourish yin and nourish the yang, do not stay up late and sleep late, because they will steam the yang.

The second is to pay attention to sleep. If night sweats and cold sweats appear during sleep, it is necessary to analyze whether it is menopausal syndrome, hyperthyroidism, and tumor signs.

"Do not spit in the morning, do not leak fine water at noon, and do not sweat at night." All time are related to Yangqi. Middle -aged and elderly people should live long and protect the yang and nourish the yang, not to leak yang, not to leak yang, not to leak yang, not to leak yang, not to leak yang, not to leak yang, not to leak yang, not to leak yang, not to leak yang, not to leak yang, not to leak yang, not to leak yang, not to leak yang, not to leak yang, not to leak yang, not to leak yang, not to leak yang.Damage Yang.

Middle -aged and elderly people are insufficient yang, and generally have 6 performances:

Heat is fat or thin, does not meet the standards.

The sound is not enough, soft and weak, and he can’t breathe for a long time.

I ca n’t sleep well, sleep easily, and I ca n’t wake up in the middle of the night.

The teeth are loose and falling off, the food can’t be bitten, and it can’t eat.

If the waist and leg are inconvenient, walk a little, climb the stairs, and breathe weak.

Constipation or diarrhea slowly increase, sometimes frequent nights.

Raising full -scale yang, starting from improving living habits, paying attention to diet and mentality balance, changing bad hobbies and habits, paying attention to avoiding health misunderstandings and prejudice, such as: nothing to eat and replenishment, listen to good health rumors, supplement calcium and zinc supplement zinc supplementIron replenishment, excessive exercise, disorderly clearing blood vessels and so on.Instead of handling, it becomes a health trap.

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