What documents are required for building files, fertility, hukou, medical certification and medical insurance card?

Suggestions: Knowing that after pregnancy, parents should put their names on the agenda. Now the child needs to apply for a birth certificate, go to hukou, pay medical insurance, etc., so the name is very important.

Let’s talk about what information do you need to prepare for pregnancy?

Bring your parents’ identity cards, marriage certificate, original account book, and photocopy to the urban health center where the hukou is located to obtain a file. Now the child will never be born and will log in to the online file.The entire pregnancy check and pregnancy, after birth involving children’s physical examination, vaccine injection, enrollment, and other series of problems.

Information required for admission production:

1. Both parents ID cards

2. Parents’ hukou books

The birth certificate can be processed before the hospital is discharged. After the production of the hospital, a table will be given to fill in the names of the parents and children.If it is a twin, the mother needs to handle it in person.

Shanghukou: After applying for a certificate of birth and a certificate of birth and a certificate of birth, go to the village where the hukou is located to issue a certificate, and then go to the local police station to register for hukou.

Social security card collection is very important. Some children are just born of all health. Only normal inspection costs will be reimbursed along with the mother’s medical insurance, but some diseases occur after birth: hypoglycemia or premature delivery needs to be admitted to hospital or transfer to observe treatment. The child will transfer to the child.How to reimburse the cost of the newborn department?

If the mother is a medical insurance for urban residents, the mother can be reimbursed. If the mother pays the employee medical insurance, the child’s cost will not be reimbursed, and the medical insurance card is required separately.

After getting up the household registration, bring the birth certificate and the hukou book, ID card, marriage certificate and other information to open an account in the local social security bureau. Parents will then receive a social security card at the corresponding bank.Essence

To apply for a birth certificate, getting a household registration, the business security card can be handled all day.

There are so many certificates of parents. Remember to bring all with all before applying for business!

In the next part, I will tell you about the process of reimbursement for fertility. The useful treasure moms, please please pay attention!

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