What do you take to prove that the child in the stomach is mine?Intersection

There is a saying that there are all birds in Linzi.

This is really good. To be honest, after working for so many years, all kinds of wonderful humans I encountered are really refreshing my knowledge again and again.

There are more people, everything is.There are so many people who come and go all day long, nor are they only come to see a doctor.The divorce of the breakup of quarrels basically encountered every month.Among them, the hardest hit areas that broke up and quarreled were in front of the gynecological and abortion rooms.

I do n’t know if you have seen such a bridge in a TV series: the girl is pregnant and wants the boy to be responsible for crying. As a result, the boy looks like a rogue.

How do you prove that your child is mine?Intersection

Don’t think that this is just the bridge in the TV series. In real life, this kind of thing is also happening.

At about 11 noon the day before yesterday, after a while, I planned to go to the tea to indirect hot water, and by the way, I moved.As a result, before he walked to the corridor’s corridor, he saw the crowd of outdoor people in the crowd room, and the crowd heard the quarrels vaguely.

I don’t like to make up this kind of excitement, I just want to quickly pick up a cup of water to save my cracked lips.As a result, before turning around, I heard the voice of a boy in it:

How can you prove that this child is mine?Intersection

Then the girl cried and said: Your bastard!You want to not admit it now!I just have a boyfriend, who is not yours!

The man said: You said mine is mine!How do I know if you lie to me!

Really, alas, I sighed silently in my heart.

As soon as I returned to the clinic, my butt hadn’t sat down, and a "bang" sounded, my door was opened hard, and I was frightened. I thought something was going on.

It turned out to be the little young young that just now quarreled. The girl’s face was crying and spent, and she rushed to my table:

Doctor sister, I want to be a parent -child identification!Can you tell me where I can do parent -child identification!

I can’t bear this sigh!He said that I couldn’t prove that the child was not him, and he didn’t even want to make money!

The man’s face looked like a smile on his face, and said in a annoying tone:

I do n’t even know that the parent -child identification can only be done by the child!You dare to give birth to you!

Although, Sister Sister is unclear, whether there is something to make boys doubt between the two of them, but as a woman, Sister Sister thinks:

No matter what happens, saying that suspecting a girl’s character in public in public, it is not the grace and temperament that a man should have!

If there is doubt in your heart, why not communicate in private?Do not go to the hospital, noisy in the place where people come and go, shows that they have the ability?While degrading the other party, is it very noble?


This behavior only makes people feel Low!

Low is bursting!

LOW exploded!

Low is worn!

Although this man’s face is good, Sister Sister is really, in her heart, I don’t want to give him a good face!

I said: How long have you been studying?Is the mobile phone just used to play games online?Now that medicine has developed to this day, it is not the original level.Even if the child is not born, it can be used as a parent -child identification!Seeing that you are young and fashionable, your knowledge does not keep up with the times!

Thinking that "born" as a threat, girls will be afraid, can they only suffer?

Wrong, the current parent -child identification can be done before childbirth!

What exactly is a prenatal parent -child identification

Pre -delivery parent -child appraisal, we also call it an embryonic parent -child identification, or the fetal parent -child identification, is to use genetic technology to determine who is the father of the fetus.

If you are pregnant unexpectedly, you ca n’t tell who the fetus father is, or when you encounter such a disgusting man who does not recognize the scum, we can use the parent -child identification of prenatal parent -child identification to "test the right body", and still be innocent and innocentjustice.

Parent -child appraisal before delivery is different from our ordinary parent -child identification.Our ordinary parent -child identification is generally after the fetus is born, and the samples of both sides, hair and other samples for DNA comparison.

Parent -child identification of prenatal parent -child identification is to extract the fetal DNA from the maternal amniotic fluid or venous blood, as well as the fetal fluff, to identify the fetus’s DNA and the man’s DNA to confirm whether there is a parent -son relationship.

How to do prenatal parent -child identification

If it is a non -invasive pre -produced parent -child appraisal of the extraordinarity of pregnant women’s venous blood, it is relatively simple. As long as the pregnant woman’s pregnancy time is more than 7 weeks, the anticoagulant tube can extract about 10ml of the blood vein blood of the pregnant woman.

If you choose to extract amniotic fluid or get fetal fluff, then the time is generally:

From 10 weeks to 13 weeks of pregnancy, a small amount of choric membrane cell tissue can be collected as samples,

Generally, from 16 weeks of pregnancy-24 weeks, you can extract a small amount of amniotic fluid as a sample under the monitoring of B-ultrasound.

If the situation is special, the time to collect amniotic fluid can also be relaxed to 16 weeks-30 weeks.

Can the hospital be performed for prenatal parent -child appraisal

The hospital does not do parent -child identification. Whether it is ordinary parent -child appraisal or prenatal parent -child appraisal, it is necessary to conduct a regular judicial appraisal with relevant qualifications. The appraisal report issued is legal.

Of course, for the operation of blood samples, amniotic fluid or fetal fluff, it needs to be carried out by professional medical staff.

To be honest, Sister Sister usually encounters some people who consult the parent -child appraisal before delivery. Generally speaking, there are several situations:

1: When I encounter a scumbag, I don’t recognize the account when I am pregnant.

2: The marriage crisis, her husband found that the daughter -in -law was derailed, and suspected that the child in the stomach was not herself and identified it.

3: When encountering her husband’s suspicion, in order to prove the innocence, the woman actively requested to identify

4: In order to inherit the legacy, etc.

No matter what kind of, to be honest, it is not a good thing to be happy.

For the pair in front of him, Sister Sister thinks that it is still necessary to say something.

I asked the girl: Do you really have to make an appraisal?This cost is higher than ordinary parent -child identification. Can you bear it?

The girl didn’t speak. Looking at the man, the man could not hear it at all, playing with his mobile phone.

I asked again: If you have made an appraisal and prove that after being innocent, will you continue to live a good life?

The girl seemed to be awake, and said: I know the doctor, thank you.

Then they left.

I think girls should understand what she should do.

If the parent -child identification is done, it proves that they are innocent. What can the child be the other party?

A man who doesn’t even want to pay for the flow of people, do you still think of a parent -child appraisal that can change him and make him a happy home?

Sometimes, although the other party clamorizes "how do you prove this is my child", it is not a thing that really wants you to prove, but just an excuse for the other party to use the rogue and not want to take responsibility to escape the image of your scum.Just.

Those who do not treat you seriously, even if there is a parent -child identification in front of him, he will not cherish you.

Parent -child identification before delivery is not a bargaining chip used to turn a prodigal.And don’t take "born" as a tragic and strong because of a momentary anger.

Girls, remember:

When you encounter a scumbag, timely stop loss, it will always be the first codes.

And real happiness will never depend on "identification".


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