What do you know after pregnancy

Unconsciously, the rabbit baby is almost eight months old!One body, two heartbeat!Recently, the baby’s activity is obvious than before, and I clearly feel his every activity!Get used to, the first thing to get up early is to say hello to him and interact with him!The last thing before going to bed at night is also interacting with him!

If the bunny did not interact with me one day, my whole person began to become anxious!Lao Wu, said I am too nervous!I said, you are not nervous because you are not in your stomach!

In the third trimester, the body became more and more sinking, and you had to rest for a while!It can no longer be like before!In the evening, I opened the state of insomnia and frequently went to the toilet at night!The waist also started to make strangeness, and began to be painful!

Today, look at the nails!If you want to cut a nail, it takes a lot of effort to cut it enough. What was done in the past one minute, now spend a long time!In the past, what was easy to do, but now it has become difficult!Wearing shoes and socks, it has become strenuous!

In the past, I hated taking medicine, hate injections, and would rather be uncomfortable and never take medicine when I was sick.Last week, I went to check and found that the anemia was short of vitamin D3!The doctor prescribed several boxes of medicine, and it tastes very heavy. It really can’t take it!However, Lao Wu said for children, forbearing!So, even if it is difficult to eat, eat it!Every day, before taking the medicine, do you psychological construction for yourself, for children, eat!

When I first checked the pregnancy, I found low progesterone!Need to take medicine and injections!Since childhood, the most afraid of is injections!But for the hard time of this rabbit, for more than a month of needle, the dense needle eye on the buttocks, the nurse did not know where to start!

It is said that it is a mother!I don’t know, am I brave?But since pregnancy, the courage has become smaller!I am afraid of being squeezed from the subway, I am afraid of being hit by people, I am afraid of being falling up and down stairs, I ’m afraid of slipping in a bath, eating ice cream for fear that the baby will be frozen, eating a barbecue and afraid of unhealthy. Others speak loudly.I’m afraid that the baby will be hypoxic inside, and the baby is not healthy!Where is this mother, it is clear that the mother is young!

Since pregnancy, relatives and friends around you will ask as boys and girls?I have never been concerned about this issue with Lao Wu. I agreed that boys and girls are our baby. What we care about is that he is healthy?As long as he is healthy, calm and peaceful, and coming to us smoothly, what about boys and girls?It’s all our babies, we will love him love her!

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