What do you know after pregnancy?(superior)

After women are pregnant, 11 body systems will change some changes to adapt to pregnancy.

1 reproductive organs

1. The uterus changes most during pregnancy.The uterus during pregnancy is responsible for breeding fetuses, and it gradually increases with the weeks of pregnancy.At the time of delivery, the uterine volume has increased by 500-1000 times, and the weight increases by about 1100g.

In addition to the significant increase in volume and quality, the blood flow of the uterus also increases, in order to adapt to the blood circulation of the fetal placenta.

2. Stop ovulation during ovarian vacations during pregnancy.

3. The vaginal mucosal edema and congestion, and the increase of the secretions shows white paste.Therefore, pregnant mothers will have more secretions.

2 breasts

In the early stages of pregnancy, the breasts began to increase significantly congestion and sense of inflation.

The nipple becomes dark, the isola color is darker, and there are scattered nodules. Our professional terms are called Montessori nodules.

Breasts began to secrete a small amount of pale yellow and thin colostrum.

3 heart

The burden on the heart during pregnancy increases, and the capacity will increase by 10%compared to the third trimester.

Heart output (refers to the blood volume of the left or right ventricular pump per minute) also increases in early pregnancy. At 20-32 weeks of pregnancy, it reaches the highest value, which is 30%-50%higher than the baseline level.

Therefore, sisters who have heart disease before pregnancy must be careful about heart function during pregnancy.

4 blood system

Blood capacity in the blood vessels after pregnancy will increase to adapt to the blood supply to increase the increase of the whole body organs.

The blood capacity of pregnant mothers has increased in one and a half months of pregnancy. In August of pregnancy, it reached a peak in August. A total of nearly 1450ml (nearly 3 bottles of 500ml mineral water) increased, and maintained this level to childbirth.

Among them, the increase in plasma capacity is greater than the increase in red blood cell volume, resulting in "physiological anemia."This also explains why so many pregnant mothers can have anemia during pregnancy.

During Huaiyu’s period, many coagulation factors increased, allowing Baoma to be in a high condensate state, the purpose is to prevent the perinatal bleeding.

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