What do you know about marriage?

Is it necessary to do a pre -marital medical examination?What does the marriage check include?What should I pay attention to in the marriage check?Do you know when you are preparing for the marriage checks?If there are still unclear friends, please look down:

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① Through a comprehensive medical examination before marriage, discover abnormalities in time and take early root.

② It is conducive to eugenics, reduces or avoids the birth of inappropriate marriage and the birth of genetic diseases.

③ It is conducive to actively and effectively grasping the timing and contraception of conception.

④ spread the knowledge about marriage and health to people, and conduct healthy marriage and childbirth guidance.

What do you include marriage inspection items?

The wedding examination items include: inquiring the medical history and physical examination and screening virus.

Pre -marital examination content includes: pre -marital medical examination, pre -marital hygiene guidance, pre -marital sanitation consultation.

Marriage check time and place

It is best to get 3 months before getting a certificate.If it is done on the day of the certificate, it will be difficult to accept and remedy if the problem is found. In addition, the marriage inspection certificate is valid for three months.

On Monday to Friday, the Civil Affairs Bureau’s internal medical examination window, regular hospital or maternal and child health care institutes (the civil affairs bureau may be a marriage inspection on the day, and the hospital must advance in advance)

What should I pay attention to in the marriage check?

① Bring the original account or ID card of Qi Qi.

② Prepare three per person per person.(Note: photos stipulated in the marriage inspection unit.)

③ On the day of the physical examination, you must take an empty stomach, and try to eat a light diet as much as possible the day before, otherwise it will affect the results of the examination.

Seven processes of marriage inspection

① Registration.

② Go to the outpatient room of the marriage inspection department.

③ extract urine sample

④ Draw blood and test the blood.

⑤ Shop (Do not do it!).

⑥ Back to the medical examination of the marriage examination, the medical examination includes: height, weight, vision, genital examination.

⑦ Listen to the pre -marital health care class that day or afternoon.

About expenses

It is free in the designated hospital (both men and women can receive a marriage checklist at the district or marriage registration office with their identity, and then go to the designated hospital for a free medical examination with the marriage form.)

Except for free conventional marriage inspection items, other items generally need to charge.

The above is the related matters of the marriage check.

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