What do you feel about "burning heart" during pregnancy?It’s not that the baby is long hair, and the real reason is unexpected

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Some pregnant mothers will feel "burning heart" in the middle of pregnancy, and "burning heart" is also called excessive gastric acid or acid reflux. It is a burning sensation caused by the hormones and physiological changes in the human body. It will extend from the bottom of the sternum to the bottom of the throat.There are rumors of the elderly that pregnant women feel "burning heart" because the baby is having hair.However, the baby’s hair is 3 months when the mother is pregnant, and the second pregnancy is four or five months pregnant. The baby’s hair has grown. At this time, what happened to the mother feels "burning heart"?

Through reading books, consulting with professional doctors and other authoritative ways, helping mothers find that "burning heart" in the middle of pregnancy is a normal thing.At this time, the pregnant mother felt that "burning heart" was because the baby’s period was a period of rapid growth. The uterus compressed the stomach and easily caused gastric acid reflux. Because the hormone secretion level in the body after pregnancy changes, the pregnant mother willAt this time, I felt "burning heart".

What measures should pregnant mothers take "burning heart"?

First of all, pregnant mothers should wear loose clothes

Some pregnant mothers love beauty, and when the belly in the early stages of pregnancy has not loved to wear loose clothes, but in the middle period, the fetus grows rapidly, so wearing loose clothes to reduce the compression of the abdomen and stomach. This can alleviate the pregnant woman.Symptoms of "heart burning".

Second, pregnant mothers pay attention to rest

When the pregnant mother feels "burning heart", she can lie down and close her eyes and rest. The upper body can be raised slightly to reduce the reflux of gastric acid, which can alleviate the symptoms of "heartburn".

Finally, pregnant mothers should pay attention to diet when they usually pay attention

Usually diet should be lighter. Try not to eat some sweet, too greasy, spicy, and oily foods. These foods will cause excessive gastric acid secretion and only make the "heart burning" more serious.You can eat some soda biscuits and nuts. These foods can neutralize gastric acid and reduce the "heart burning" of pregnant mothers.Pregnant mothers should not overeating during pregnancy, eat less and eat less, and eat less than three hours before dinner, so that the stomach has sufficient time to digest food.

When it comes to diet, the symptoms of the "burning heart" of pregnant mothers can be relieved by some diet:


Honey can adjust the honey of the gastric acid, and the pregnant mother can add a little honey when drinking water, so that it can reduce the "burning heart", but you should pay attention to drinking the honey water and not to eat immediately. This will cause the burden on the stomach.You can eat after half an hour.

soda water:

Everyone knows that soda is alkaline and can neutralize acid. After drinking soda water, you can neutralize the acid in the stomach, which can alleviate the "burning heart".You can also eat some soda biscuits, which is the same role. You must chew slowly when eating biscuits, because the biscuits are harder, which will cause the stomach to not digest.

Banana and aloe:

Banana is a kind of anti -acid agent. After the pregnant mother appears "burning heart", eating some bananas can be relieved, but eat less, because bananas also have a laxative effect. Eating too much will make the pregnant mother’s gastrointestinal discomfort.Aloe vera can help digestion. Eating some edible aloe can also help pregnant mothers to reduce the symptoms of "burning heart".

If the pregnant mother’s "burning heart" is too serious, it is necessary to help alleviate through the drug, but the choice of drugs needs to go to the hospital. You can take medicine only after the doctor takes a doctor, because some drugs can not be taken during pregnancy.Affects the development of the fetus.

This time, the pregnant mothers know why the heart burns is, and it is by no means that the children usually say that the children are long hair, but the rapid growth of the fetus.Pregnant mothers must pay attention to using scientific methods to relieve their symptoms. If the situation is serious, we must go to a regular hospital for treatment and be responsible for our baby.

I am a mother, the mother of two children, a senior childcare teacher with an illustrator, and asked me about children’s education, physiological, psychological, nutrition, daily health care and nursing questions.

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