What do women feel when pregnant?In addition to one week of menstruation, 8 signals will appear

After Xiaohu got married, she did not get pregnant for half a year, but because of my irregular menstruation, sometimes once a month or two months, I cannot judge whether I am pregnant based on menstruation.

One day, Xiao Hu was fever and thought he had a cold, so he didn’t take this matter.

Who knows that after a few days, he is still hot, and his stomach is cold.So Xiao Hu went to the hospital for examination. Who knew that she was pregnant, Xiao Hu happily told her mother -in -law.

We all know that after a week after menstruation is delayed, we may get pregnant.But for some women with irregular menstruation, how to judge whether they are pregnant?

In fact, after pregnancy, due to changes in hormones in the body, the pregnant mother will produce these strange feelings themselves.

① High body temperature, afraid of cold

Some pregnant mothers have higher body temperature than usual after pregnancy, and sometimes they even feel cold like a cold.And even on the menstrual days, the base temperature will not decrease. Just like the ovulation period, the body temperature will remain at 36.7 ~ 37.2 degrees Celsius. This body temperature will continue until 13 to 14 weeks after pregnancy.

If the body temperature rises for more than three weeks, it may be pregnant, but it varies from person to person.

② It is easy to feel fatigue

I remember that when I was pregnant, my body often felt very tired, especially when I was sleeping in bed 3 months before pregnancy, but there was no such feeling in the third trimester.

The reason why the body of the pregnant mother feels tired is actually caused by the influence of progesterone, mainly to protect the body of pregnant women.

③ frequent urine

Not only do you often urinate after pregnancy, but also a sense of residue, which will make pregnant mothers feel uncomfortable.I remember when I was pregnant, I often got up to the toilet in the middle of the night, and the quality of sleep was not good.Especially in the late pregnancy, this feeling is particularly obvious.

④ The breasts will change

Affected by progesterone, the milk becomes very sensitive after pregnancy, and sometimes it feels pain when encountering underwear.And it is sensitive to touching and temperature changes. Some people’s nipples will become black, but some people have not changed, so they vary from person to person.

⑤ Freckles appear

Some pregnant mothers are not only like the abdomen after pregnancy, but also pigmentation under the armpit and freckles of moles and kisses. These are affected by progesterone.

⑥ The lower abdomen becomes tight and constipation occurs

After pregnancy, the uterus will slowly become sensitive. The pregnant mother will feel that the lower abdomen will be somewhat hardened, and even constipation will occur.I remember when I was pregnant, my stomach was a bit hard, and I felt that my lower abdomen became tight. Later, I went to the hospital for examination and showed that I was pregnant.

⑦ Pregnancy vomiting

Some pregnant mothers generally have pregnancy vomiting since pregnancy, but some pregnant mothers have only begun after two months, and pregnancy vomiting is different from person to person.For example, there are slight vomiting, reduced appetite, and do not like food that you usually like. Instead, you like to eat foods you do n’t like to eat before.

⑧Drofile secretions during pregnancy

If pregnant mothers have such symptoms, don’t worry.Just pay attention to changing underwear and underwear, eat less spicy food.If abnormal conditions are found, you need to go to the hospital for examination in time.

① Early pregnancy test strip

After pregnancy, HCG will be discharged through urine.The early pregnancy test strip can measure this hormone. Generally, its discharge volume is very small, and after just getting up, it has a lot of accumulation. Therefore, in order to be accurate, it is best to choose the morning test.

② urinating inspection

Generally, this kind of project is to go to the hospital for examination, and it can only be determined by 100%after fertilization.For two weeks of fertilization, even if the inspection is only 90%accuracy.

③ Blood examination

Pregnant mothers can judge whether they are pregnant through the blood, and can accurately determine whether pregnancy can be accurately determined after two weeks of fertilization.

④ Ultrasonic examination

Generally, the blood test is passed, and the blood test is confirmed that the ultrasonic examination must be accepted after pregnancy.Starting from the first day of the last menstrual period, it will be checked after 5 weeks.Because if you check it too early, you can’t find the fetal sac through the ultrasonic.

① Persist in eating less meals

Pregnant mothers can adjust the original one -day meal to four or five meals.Generally, pregnancy vomiting is heavier in the early morning, so pregnant mothers can eat some small foods with less moisture, such as biscuit eggs.In short, don’t let yourself be empty, because the empty stomach is very easy to cause pregnancy.

② Rest full, exercise appropriately

Pregnant mothers must ensure adequate sleep and rest time every day. In addition, they can go out for a walk with the family of family every morning or evening, and breathe fresh air.You must know that appropriate activities can not only improve poor appetite, but also help pregnant mothers to produce.

③ Pay attention to the balanced diet

Pregnant mothers should reasonably consume a variety of nutrients and other necessary trace elements every day. Try to choose fresh natural green foods, such as vegetables, fruits, milk, etc.

It is necessary to know that women’s pregnancy is a very hard thing, so family members should pay more attention, take care of, and considerate pregnant mothers, and take the pregnant mother to go out.

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