What do pregnant mothers know about pregnancy?Understand these physical performance during pregnancy and judge the fetal condition

Since pregnancy, the treatment of pregnant mothers has been upgraded immediately. Many things do not need to consider themselves. They can only blindly listen to the doctor, mother, mother -in -law, and finally husband to say: "Baby, listen to me."

As a result, many pregnant mothers can see the "public comment" of other pregnant mothers on the Internet in addition to knowing that they and the fetus during the checkup.

In case of sometimes the body is a little bit like a situation, and it happens that several "Pepsi" at home is not there. What can I do?When the fetus grows every day, any wind blowing can make the pregnant mothers shocked a cold sweat.

Especially the first pregnant mothers, basically the two eyes of pregnancy, which belongs to nothing and want to ask.

In fact, there are some physical performance during pregnancy, and the pregnant mother can judge the fetus themselves.

After the first four months of the pregnant mother, after the first four months, they may feel inexplicably moving in their belly. Don’t worry about the fetal movement. The fetal movement at this stage will not be obviously obviously, But as long as you pay attention to observation, you can still feel it.

In the sixth month, the development of the fetus’s body is gradually improving, and the pregnant mother can obviously feel the more powerful fetal movement, which shows that the fetus develops well and healthy.You can also understand the health of the fetus through the strength of the fetal movement, the number of fetal movements, and the frequency of fetal movement.

If the increase in appetite for pregnant mothers, it means that the fetus in the abdomen is constantly drawing nutrients, and it also shows that the fetal development is good.

However, the diet of pregnancy is also particular. You cannot ask your husband to buy all kinds of foods that love to eat because of a great increase in appetite. The nutritional matching must be balanced, the taste should be light, and the spicy and greasy taste should be avoided, especially if you can not eat each each.Speed food snacks.And the mother will be accompanied by nausea and vomiting without appetite in the early pregnancy, which is a normal response.

Pregnant mothers feel unwell in early pregnancy, which is caused by changes in physiology and body.If pregnant mothers find that they can sleep in particular, the quality of sleep is also very good, and often needs to make up for noon, which indicates that the fetus is good, and the pregnant mother does not need to worry too much.

With the arrival of the late pregnancy, the fetus in the pregnant mother’s abdomen is also thriving, from a "little tadpole" to a "little giant", and the "residence" is also bigger. The pregnant mother will feel that the bladder has been always alwaysThere is a sense of oppression, leading to often going to the toilet.

Sometimes this feeling is particularly urgent, and the body may not be controlled at once and may still urinate.This is a normal phenomenon during pregnancy. Pregnant mothers need to feel too difficult, which shows that the fetus is developing healthy.

If the pregnant mother’s response to pregnancy is vomiting nausea, bad appetite, puffy legs and feet, and the abdomen in the early stages of pregnancy looks greater than other pregnant mothers.

Then go to the hospital for a birth check -in when you are three months pregnant. You can detect the frequency of fetal heart through the instrument. If you are two different frequencies, you must congratulate the pregnant mother. It is most likely twins.

In short, pregnant mothers make their mood relaxed, so that they can have a good appetite, and the baby can get more sufficient nutrition and healthy development.Also remember that on time, many problems with professional doctors will be solved.”盟”

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