What do I need to prepare in the third trimester?12 must -have things for the 12 pieces of Baoma during pregnancy, practical 0 idle

Share 12 must -have good pregnancy during the third trimester of pregnancy. Practical 0 idle is used. It is recommended to collect it!

If you don’t talk nonsense, go directly to dry goods, and the younger sisters I want quickly collect it ~

1. Baby strap

Baby strap is also the same baby artifact!If you buy the right, you can liberate your hands like a kangaroo mother, rotate and jump without stopping, and go shopping easily ~

Moreover, with it, you can protect the baby firmly on the chest, and it is safer to bring the baby out of the street -don’t worry about walking the sudden brakes of the walking or being stumbered by the baby in his hand.

2. Disposal urine pads

This is a must -have artifact for my baby’s urine. The shampoo is like a facade paper.There are more packs at home, and occasionally need to take out the bed to suck water, it is also very useful to wet.

I use the size of myself, because I only pad the waist, and it is a girl, so I don’t need to be too big.

3. Mild skin care products for pregnant women

Specific mothers, especially in the air -conditioned room for a long time, often feel dry on their faces. Applying a mask, the skin can get the maximum soothing.

Nenfu mask, this mask is really hydrating and moisturizing!Maintaining the skin is super strong!

When you apply it, you ca n’t smell it without any taste. The texture is very water, and you will not have that kind of sticky touch on your hand.The imported organic cotton is used, skin -friendly and breathable.

It adds low -active folic acid with moisturizing ingredients such as sodium hyaluronate. When I was about to give birth, my chin was crazy and raised, and I was anxious, and my face was dry and dull.

4. Moving folding small mosquito net

In summer, we are most afraid that the baby will be wrapped in mosquitoes, and chemical mosquitoes are afraid of affecting the baby’s body, so it is essential for physical mosquito -proof weapons and mosquito nets.

Moving a foldable small mosquito net, purchased the appropriate size according to the need, the baby fell asleep, and did not disturb him. It was very secure to look at it!

5. Little night light

The role of small night lamps is to feed, and the second is to appease before bedtime.My little night lamp was sent by friends. It has simple music and colorful lights. After the lamp is turned off, the child is afraid of darkness. You can turn on the light in the room with a light night light.

These days, the child started playing with it before going to bed, watching the lights, listening to the story, and enjoying themselves.

6. Infant moisturizing milk

The child’s skin moisturizing milk, the cost -effective king in my mind, made me meet a baby moisturizing milk that hates late.

The formulas are all organic plant components. The focus is on the certification of the European Union. I went to Meixiu to check it. It really passed the whole green.I am also really served in the "safer" piece.

When the baby was four months old, he always grabbed his ears, rubbed his eyes, and his body was tumbling. At that time, he used him once in the morning and evening. I couldn’t wait to watch him at 24h. After about a few days, the baby was not so itchy.There are fewer and fewer red dots on the body.There is no problem staying in the air -conditioned room all day.

7. Breastfeeding underwear

The increase in estrogen and progesterone in the body after pregnancy can stimulate breast vascular dilation, and the breasts may become larger and painful.

At this time, the underwear before pregnancy is no longer suitable for wearing. You can buy breastfeeding underwear and you can wear it during breastfeeding.The role of breastfeeding underwear is to adjust the chest type to the chest shape during pregnancy and lactation.

8. Bad and bed fence

Because the fence took a long time, I chose a more expensive one at that time. Fortunately, the quality was very good; because I took my child for half a year of dormitory, the fence became our two safest rest areas.With the children hit the ground, he slept in the fence.

The purchase of the fence is good and safe, which can increase fun and attract children.

9. Baby Barber

The original intention of the buyer was that the mother -in -law always took the child out of her hair, and it was still shaved; the hair that had grown out suddenly was gone.

So I think that if you can give your child a short hair, it is also very good.

10. Baby dual -use cotton swab

Children’s ears cannot be pulled out casually. This is not used to dig out ears for children. It is used to clean up the dirty things of the navel and nose.

11. IKEA trolley

Too convenient!Where to push it, it does not take up the place!I put a classification sticker in each layer, and storage some supplies of the baby according to the classification, which is very convenient to find it!Every day is to take a bath to the bathroom. Wherever you go, you will not seem to be very occupied!

The above storage box can be matched by yourself. Many different appearances can be purchased according to your favorite and needs.

12. Anti -collision angle

Really necessary!The baby bumped around at home, sitting on the hard table corners, stools sitting on the corner of the board, and coffee table … otherwise it must be pasted, otherwise it will break through the head in minutes.

The above are some good things that can be started during pregnancy. I also share with you all the products that I think are very good. Everyone exchange experiences together ~

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