What diseases may occur after pregnancy?

Iron deficiency anemia: After pregnancy, the fetus needs a lot of iron due to the growth and development of the fetus. If you do not pay attention to supplement, you may cause your own anemia.Pregnant women with anemia often occur, fatigue, extension of labor, and postpartum bleeding.Even during childbirth, the baby is often suffocated in the uterus in the uterus.Pregnant women with anemia are low in resistance during puerperium, and they are prone to perineal permanent, abdominal knife infection or not healing.

Leg cramps: due to calcium deficiency, or because the weather is particularly cold, not pay attention to keep warm.

Oral disease: After pregnancy, your oral cavity will become very sensitive because of the effect of hormones. If you are not careful, you will be stained with oral inflammation.Keep your mouth clean in your daily life.In the case of eating less and more meals, it is recommended to use a lower mouthwash, or fresh salt water, and rinse your mouth for each meal.Brush your teeth within three minutes after meals, and the time should not be less than three minutes. The three planes of each teeth — inner, outer, and occlusal surfaces must be brushed.Eat less snacks to reduce the intake of sweets and sticky foods. If too much sugar, it will consume a lot of calcium in the mother’s body and affect the baby, which will cause their dental dysfunction and calcification.Various dental diseases.

Hemorrhoids or constipation: Due to the decrease in activity, and the increasing uterine is increasingly compressed to the rectal vein and other places, you may have hemorrhoids or constipation.You can do anal shrinkage twice every morning and evening, 30 to 40 times each time.This is conducive to enhancing the strength of the pelvic floor muscles and the blood circulation around the anus, and it is conducive to defecation and prevent hemorrhoids.Develop a good habit of defecating on time, even if you have no intention, you must go to the toilet, and the time to go to the toilet cannot be more than 10 minutes.

Bile stasis: The skin itching will occur after 30 weeks of pregnancy. Generally, pregnancy rashes, mainly due to the cholene stasis during pregnancy.

Pregnancy hypertension: After pregnancy, it is easy to suffer from pregnancy hypertension syndrome.Pregnancy hypertension can cause complications such as heart disease, premature placental peeling, coagulation dysfunction, cerebral hemorrhage, renal failure, postpartum blood circulation failure and other complications. It is a relatively severe pregnancy disease.

Gestational diabetes: It is easy to suffer from gestational diabetes after pregnancy.The hazards of gestational diabetes are mainly manifested by hypertension of pregnancy, which threatened the health and life safety of pregnant women and fetuses.The treatment of gestational diabetes is mainly to control the disease in the treatment. After delivery, physical exercise should be increased, and the weight is in a normal range to reduce the possibility of diabetes in the future.If the results of the birth check are suffering from gestational diabetes, the diet should be strictly controlled according to the doctor’s order.

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