What did the cat mother who had a 2 -month pregnancy?How did the cat come to this world?

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If one day you suddenly discover that the cat’s belly at home starts to become round, then it may have its own baby.

Recall that you just took the cat owner to see its boyfriend not long ago?

Or, soon the cat owner secretly ran out of the house to play crazy for a day?

Whether the cat’s pregnancy is planned in advance, or an accident.As a guardian, you need to know what happens when a cat is pregnant.

It takes about 63 to 68 days from the mating of cats to childbirth, which is the time for most cats.One of the normal cats may only have 61 days, while the other may be as long as 70 days.

We will tell you a series of changes that have happened during pregnancy through the weekly physical condition after pregnancy.

① Week 1, 2, 3,

In fact, the cat does not change much in the first three weeks of pregnancy, and the cat looks the same as usual.

Although there have been many changes in the cat’s body, it is difficult to find this change from their external behavior.

At the end of the third week and the beginning of the fourth week, things will become interesting.

The placenta that nourishes kittens will begin to produce a hormone called prolactin.If you want to confirm whether the cat owner is pregnant, blood testing or B -ultrasound is a very secure approach.

② Week 4 and 5

When the kitten is pregnant 4 to 5 weeks, each kitten will have a seat in the cat’s uterus, which makes the cat’s uterus look like "a series of pearls".At this stage, pet doctors are the easiest to judge whether cats are pregnant.However, to determine whether the cat owner is pregnant by the cat’s belly, it still depends on the experience of the doctor.

At about 28 days, the fetus is relatively small, and the doctor may not be able to feel the fetus through the abdominal wall.After the 35th day, each fetus is bathed in a liquid, which is easy to confuse the food in the intestine.

As the days have passed day by day, the expectant mothers will have an obvious external change on the 30th day (earlier on the 5th week), that is, the place where the cat mother breastfeed will be "pink".At this time, the kitten can move in the uterus.Although these actions are small, this action can still be found.

Later in the 5th week, you may notice the cat owner from the outside for the first time, and you will feel that its belly looks bulging.

③ Week 6

As the kittens slowly grow, they will occupy more space, and the little guys will squeeze the cat’s stomach.

Because the stomach is oppressed, when the female cat eats, it will soon feel full.So it is necessary to divide the cat’s food into a few copies.A small amount of meals is the key to ensuring that cats get enough nutrition at this stage.

④ Week 7 and 8

In the 7th and 8th weeks, the cat’s mother looked even fatter.They may spend more time to sleep.The breasts of expectant mothers began to expand, and prepared for the milk production of kittens after birth.

⑤ Week 9

At about the 9th week, the female cat may start to choose a place where they think it is safe to start building nests and prepare for childbirth.

What interesting stories happened in the uterus when they were pregnant?

Week 1: 5 days after ovulation, the eggs enter the uterus and evenly distribute along the uterus.Those eggs that are "squeezed out" uterus will die at this stage.

Week 2: On the 12th day, fertilized eggs are planted into the endometrium.

Week 3: Each kitten has its own placenta.From the 20th day, these placenta will produce prolactin, which is a hormone that can be used to detect whether the cat is pregnant.In addition, through ultrasonic scanning, you can also see the heart movement of each kitten.

Week 4: On the fourth week of the cat’s pregnancy, the ultrasonic scan can see the activity of the kitten in the uterus.

Week 5: The kitten will occupy more space in the cat mother, and the cat’s belly becomes more swollen.

Week 6: This is a period of rapid growth in the cat’s mother’s growth.

Week 7: Entering the last third after pregnancy, the growing kitten will consume a lot of energy for female cats.

Week 8: The hormones released by female cats in the uterus will stimulate its breast enlargement.

Week 9: Mother Cat is going to give birth!Observing whether the body temperature of the female cat decreases, this is a signal of property.

During the pregnancy, the most important thing is to provide it with a warm and clean home. Safety is important for female cats.A good living environment allows cats to relax during pregnancy.

If a cat likes to go out, then you better let cats stay indoors during this time, so as to protect the health of cats and unborn kittens, avoid the infringement of infectious diseases, and avoid unexpected emergencies.

Correct feeding is also important. Premature feeding to female cats too much will cause the mother cat to gain weight, which will make fertility more difficult.

In the late pregnancy, the kitten will exhaust the energy reserves in the mother’s body.So in the last three months of pregnancy, you need to provide more energy to the female cat. It is a good choice to eat less meals and eat less.

As the delivery period is getting closer and closer, the female cat will become more and less flexible.Pay attention to the height of the cat sand pot to ensure that the female cat can enter the cat litter basin smoothly.Provide it with sufficient food and clean drinking water.

In addition, you need to pay close attention to whether it has signs of pain or any health issues.

You can take the cat to the pet hospital for delivery, or you can pick up the delivery at home.But in any case, it provides a safe environment for cats so that the emotions of female cats can stabilize.

Cat owners can be said to be a major event in cats. On the one hand, they are promoted to be a mother. This is a solemn moment.On the other hand, the safety of the period of pregnancy is also very important. One of the errors of the shovel officer may affect the cat’s life.

Therefore, understanding the condition of the cat after pregnancy, and learning how to take care of the cat after pregnancy is what every shovel officer should do.

Do the right thing when the cat owner is pregnant, do not let the mistake ruin its life.

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