What crisis is hidden during pregnancy?

Early pregnancy (that is, the first three months of pregnancy)

The cause of bleeding at this time may be related to miscarriage, and it is also related to minority factors such as ectopic pregnancy, reproductive tract inflammation, trauma, and tumor.

Some pregnant moms will have a very small amount of vaginal bleeding or bloody secretions when they are about to come to menstruation after conception.related.

According to a medical research statistics, more than half of the pregnant mummy can continue pregnancy in the early pregnancy bleeding; about 30%of the pregnant mummy may face the fate of natural abortion;Or other issues.Some pregnant moms are worried that in the early stages of pregnancy, abnormal vaginal bleeding, is the baby healthy?

Studies have shown that more than half of abortion may be caused by abnormal embryo itself and belongs to natural elimination.If you can continue your pregnancy, most of the fetus is normal.

Vaginal bleeding in the middle of pregnancy

Mainly related to late abortion and placenta factors

In the middle of pregnancy, it refers to 13 to 28 weeks of pregnancy.During this time, pregnancy has become stable, and most of the pregnant mommy has no symptoms of special discomfort. It starts to feel fetal movement around 5 months of pregnancy, and it feels more to feel the growth of the baby.The vaginal bleeding occurred at this time is mainly related to late abortion and placenta factors.

Late pregnancy

Entering the late pregnancy (after 28 weeks of pregnancy), it may be the most excited moment for pregnant mothers.Seeing the difficult journey is about to go, you can soon be a mummy.A small amount of vaginal bleeding at this time may be a precursor to childbirth. Because at the process of giving birth, the uterine shrinkage, the cervix can cause the cervical damage or the peeling of the fetal membrane and the cervix during the process of flatness and expansion of the cervix and vaginal bleeding.But this is not all cases. The vaginal bleeding during the late pregnancy can also be caused by pathological conditions. Pregnant moms should not be optimistic. When they see the bleeding, they think they are going to give birth.

1. Potential danger: threatened abortion

Because the embryo bed is not stable before the placenta development, many factors are prone to abortion.When abortion occurs, the embryo and the uterine wall will be separated to varying degrees. Once the blood vessels that separate the surface are ruptured, vaginal bleeding will cause vaginal bleeding.

2. Potential danger: ectopic pregnancy

I have performed artificial abortion, pelvic inflammatory disease, pelvic adhesion, or infinement surgery, ectopic pregnancy surgery, etc., which are risk factors that cause ectopic pregnancy.If the fertilized eggs are not in the uterus, but the bed is called ectopic pregnancy other than the uterus. The incidence rate is about 1%, and 95%of the ectopic pregnancy occurs in the fallopian tube.Because the tube wall of the fallopian tube is very thin, the blood circulation and nutrition of sufficient embryo cannot be provided, and abnormal vaginal bleeding occurs at 7 to 8 weeks of pregnancy, and even severe abdominal pain or shock due to abdominal bleeding.In the early stages of determining pregnancy, if the ultrasound test failed to find signs of embryos in the uterus, it is necessary to detect the blood of blood (Beta-HCG) as soon as possible to diagnose the possibility of uterine pregnancy.Proper treatment.

3. Potential danger: Portuguese tires

Portuguese tires are a benign chorionic disease, with an incidence of about one thousandth.Early symptoms of hydatiditic tires are sometimes difficult to distinguish between normal pregnancy, but the pregnancy reactions of hydatidal fetus are often severe, the amount of bleeding is more, and repeated occurrences are discharged.Due to the rapid growth of Portuguese, the uterus expands rapidly, and the abdomen is increasingly inconsistent with the age of the moon.Pregnant moms often feel abdominal mass and lower abdomen pain.The true cause of hydatidium is unknown, which may be related to the defects, nutritional deficiency, and virus infection of the fertilized eggs itself. There is a family’s susceptibility and a tendency to develop again. Those who have had a hydatidian can occur about 2%to 3%.Once diagnosed as a hydatidifier, the Qing Dynasty should be performed immediately, followed by follow -up, and for two years.

4. Potential danger: cervical lesions

Vaginal bleeding in early pregnancy is easy to ignore the problem of cervix.Severe inflammation of the cervix leads to erosion, or that there is already cervical polyps, which can easily cause surface microvascular rupture due to changes in pregnancy hormones.In recent years, the most common age of cervical cancer has gradually decreased, so pregnancy does not mean that the cervix must be fine, and the cervical examination should be regularly done before and after pregnancy.If you bleed early during pregnancy, you should also check whether there is a problem with the cervix to make a judgment.

5. Potential danger: premature birth

If a small amount of vaginal bleeding and uterine contraction occur at 28 to 36 weeks of pregnancy, it may be premature birth.Premature fetal fetuses have not yet matured, their survival rate is low, and the complications are high, especially the lung development is not mature. Therefore, once premature marchors occur, they should go to the hospital for treatment immediately to avoid the occurrence of premature birth.If you have a full moon, you don’t have to worry. You can prepare the items for hospitalization and wait for delivery.

6. Potential danger: front placenta

During normal pregnancy, the placenta is attached to the front, back wall or bottom of the uterine wall. If the placenta attached to the uterus is too low, cover the inner mouth of the cervix and block the fetal first exposure, which is called the front placenta.As the uterus will increase as the number of pregnancy weeks increases, the placenta position will also increase upward.Therefore, after 8 months of pregnancy, there is still complete or partial pre -placenta, which will greatly increase the probability of vaginal bleeding.Because the placenta itself is very abundant, once bleeding from the front placenta, the amount of bleeding will be close to menstrual flow, even more.Most pregnant moms will stop bleeding after bed rest, but when the bleeding volume is as large as blood collapse, or when the bed rest does not improve, she should seek medical treatment immediately.Excessive vaginal bleeding can cause severe fetal ischemia and hypoxia, and it is extremely dangerous to pregnant mummy itself, causing shock and even death.

7. Potential danger: placenta early stripping

Under normal circumstances, the placenta is stripped after the fetus is delivered.Before the fetus is delivered, part of the placenta is separated from the uterine wall of the bed, which is called an early divestiture of the placenta.Early placental stripping is a serious complication in the late pregnancy. It progress is quite fast. If the treatment is not timely, it may endanger the life of the mother and the fetus.

The symptoms are different depending on the size of the placenta peeling area.Generally, those with small peeling area, symptoms and signs are not obvious, which can cause hypoxia in the fetus; those with large divesty area are severe, with severe abdominal pain, uterine adeptic shrinkage and tenderness, often accompanied by severe complications, such as shock and coagulation.Dysfunction and acute renal failure.Because bleeding accumulates between the placenta and the uterine wall, the vaginal bleeding is not proportional to the severity of the symptoms. Once the placenta is stripped early, the fetus is extremely dangerous.life.

★ Add a little bit:

"Seeing Red" is a normal physiological phenomenon before giving birth

The pregnancy is nearly mature, and the development of the baby is gradually mature, and it is time to be born.At this time, the internal structure of the cervix also changed and became "mature".If the uterine smooth muscle has become "active" from the "silence" state during pregnancy, the cervical canal is shortened and the eloquence of the palace will occur.In this process, the misalignment of the fetal membrane and the palace wall near the inner mouth of the cervix will occur, which has a small amount of bleeding, which is mostly manifested as bloody secretions, bright red or brown, and sometimes inadvertently finds that the underwear is "contaminated"."Seeing red" is just a sign of gradually mature cervix. If it is not accompanied by other discomfort, you can not rush to the hospital.

★ Expert tips

1. Vaginal bleeding should not occur during normal pregnancy.

2. Do not panic in vaginal bleeding, but you must pay attention, because severe cases will cause great harm to the mother’s fetus.

3. After bleeding, you should go to the hospital to consult a doctor for necessary examinations, such as vaginal examination and ultrasound examination.

4. Doctors will formulate a plan for examination and treatment according to the condition, and if necessary, you will recommend that you are hospitalized.If the hospitalization method is the same as at home, you can go home to rest for treatment. If the condition changes, you should go to the hospital for examination in time.

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