What conditions can be given to the delivery, what preparations for expectant mothers need to do

By the third trimester, expectant mothers will encounter the "difficulty" of choosing to choose or caesarean section.Subsidies, that is, natural vaginal delivery, the fetus is naturally delivered by the vagina. With the development of medical technology, although the childbirth method is increasingly updated, natural delivery is still considered the most ideal and safest way to childbirth. It is also the most commonly recommended by doctors to healthy pregnant women.Childbirth

From the perspective of delivery, natural delivery has the following benefits

1. During vaginal delivery, the baby’s head is squeezed by the vagina, which is a useful stimulus to the brain.

2. Babies who give birth naturally can get an immunoglobulin from the mother. After birth, the body has strong resistance and is not easy to suffer from infectious diseases.

3. Clinically confirmed that the mother’s vaginal delivery, postpartum infection, major bleeding and other complications, and postpartum physical strength recovery faster

4. When the baby is in vagina, the chest is compressed, and the chest cavity suddenly expands after delivery. This process is conducive to the establishment of the baby’s breathing after delivery.

Whether the fetus can smoothly pass through the mother’s body through the birth canal depends on the three elements of childbirth: production power, birth canal and fetus and its attached objects.If the three elements are normal and can be coordinated with each other, the fetus can be delivered smoothly, otherwise it may be difficult to give birth. The doctor will understand the situation of the three through prenatal inspections and take corresponding measures to ensure that the mother will give birth safely for delivery safely.

1. Dental power refers to the power that the fetus is delivered from the uterine passage, including uterine contraction, abdominal muscle contraction, and anal muscle contraction force.The contraction is a contraction of the smooth muscle of the uterine body. At the beginning of the output, the uterus was shortened and intermittent. As the delivery was carried out, the contraction gradually extended and the interval was short.Repeated contractions can help the fetus safely and smoothly;

The abdominal muscle contraction is when the uterine mouth is full, and the fetal exposure first drops to the pelvic floor tissue and rectum in the vagina, so that the maternal bowel movement will occur.A kind of power of hyperthyroidism.It helps the fetal delivery. After the fetal output, the abdominal muscles are contracted again and discharge the placenta;

The anal muscle contraction force is that when the tire is first descended to the bottom of the pelvis and when the fetal head is delivered, the anal muscle contraction twice to help the fetus delivery.After the fetus is born, the anal muscle contraction again, with contraction and abdominal pressure, and given the placenta;

In the three aspects of the production power, the contraction is mainly contracted, and the contraction of the abdominal muscles and the anal muscle is supplemented.

2. The birth canal is a passage passed by the fetus and its accessories from the mother.

The bone -producing tract is the inner cavity of the pelvis. Usually the pelvic cavity is shallow and deep, with a certain degree of curvature, and the shaft is half -moon.

The soft -producing road is a lumen composed of the lower uterine section, cervical tube, vagina, pelvic floor tissue and perineal.

3. Fetal head and neck: The average fetal head and neck (double top diameter) is 91 ~ 93 mm.The widest width of the maternal pelvis is about 100 mm, so it can be passed smoothly;

Normal fetal position: The pillow bone with normal fetal position is close to the first half of the maternal pelvis, which is the normal posture that can give birth to the most smoothly.The hip position, horizontal position, and unexplained heads are abnormal fetal position

4. In addition to the above three elements, it is also very critical to have a good mentality before giving birth. Before childbirth, you should make a good psychological preparation for delivery.

The cooperation of mothers during the delivery process is also very important.

1. The first labor time is long, and the contraction brings a regular abdomen, waist pain or sour pain to the mother.At this stage, mothers should pay attention to these matters:

Dispetence, calm your emotions, keep quiet, yelling and screaming will only waste your physical strength;

You can eat some digestible foods, such as light diets such as porridge, eggs, vegetables, fish and lean meat, and drink more sugar water to ensure the abundant physical strength;

The filling of the bladder will affect the decline of the fetal head and the shrinkage of the uterus, so you should urinate frequently and empty the bladder. You should actively urinate once every 2 hours;

When the fetal membrane is not broken, it can be moved indoors; the fetal membrane is broken, you need to stay in bed to prevent the umbilical cord from getting out

2. The second output is the key. At this stage, it is important to use abdominal pressure correctly at this stage.In the second outbound process, the mother had a sense of bloating.At this time, you need to lie flat on the bed, the head is raised slightly, the legs are flexing and naturally separated, the foot kicks the bed, and the handrails on the bed are grasped.During the contraction, take a deep breath and hold it down, and strengthen the shine to increase the qi to increase the abdominal pressure with the thumbnail of the uterine shrinkage.Power.When the fetal head is about to give birth, do not force too much force when contraction, but open your mouth to breathe to relax the perineal muscles, which is convenient for the fetal head to give birth.

3. During the third outbound process, the mother will feel very relaxed.The successor through the bottom of the palace and the cord to assist the placenta delivery

Many expectant mothers are unwilling to choose natural delivery because they are worried about the pain and suffering of production.In order to go smoothly in the future, expectant mothers can try the following exercise that is conducive to delivery.

1. Open your legs to the maximum.Put your hands on the ball, and launch the ball forward while exhaling

2. Press on the ball, place the ball on the back, and sit down against the ball.While exhaling, leaning against the ball leaning backwards.Straighten your knees and straight up the whole body to the maximum

3. Sitting on the ball, the legs are separated to the maximum, and both hands are placed on the knees naturally.While scoring 8 shots, turning the waist by drawing a circle

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