What changes will the expectant mother’s body change throughout pregnancy?It’s not just that the belly becomes bigger

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Pregnancy is a turning point in life for women, and it is also the most special period of life.I remember when I was just pregnant, the colleagues around me told me that I was disgusting after seeing everything. I liked what I did n’t like before now.At first, I just responded with a smile, but after experiencing the entire pregnancy, I might also say a lot of myself.

Everyone knows that after women’s pregnancy, the biggest change is the stomach. As the fetus continues to grow, the stomach of pregnant women will continue to grow, but this is just a superficial phenomenon that everyone sees.Because in this long process, the changes in the body of pregnant women are not just as simple as the belly becomes larger.Because there will be various changes in other parts of pregnant women, each stage is different.

First month

In fact, this month is an unknown month, because the embryo may not have any feelings in the bed in bed, and the uterus will not change. All of them are doing it quietly. Only a few women may be possible.There are some uncomfortable feelings.

Second month

The biggest feature of this month is that the aunt did not come, and the uterus began to grow bigger, probably the goose eggs were almost big.The chest also began to prepare for breastfeeding, and slowly became strong and full.Pregnant women who are more sensitive to the body may have pregnant vomiting this month, but most of the pregnant women may still feel at all. This is also different from person to person.From the beginning of this month, hormones will begin to secrete a lot, affecting the small emotions of pregnant women, and may feel very irritable. If you drink a little more urine, you will increase significantly, and you often feel fatigue and sleepy.

Third month

In many costume dramas, as long as you find pregnancy, it must be 3 months of pregnancy, so everyone is very impressed with the third month of pregnancy.

The uterus continues to grow in 3 days of pregnancy. Now there are fists as big as fists. Due to the effects of progesterone and prolactin, the chest will continue to increase, and the color of the nipples and areolas will gradually deepen, and the pregnant woman’s’s of a pregnant womanSymptoms will be more obvious. At this time, there are still many inspections to do.

Fourth month

In this month, the stomach could not be hidden, because the size of the uterus was already as large as a child’s head.With the stability of the fetus, the pregnancy response of the pregnant mother will also be reduced, or it will slowly disappear.At this time, the pregnant mother can finally relax. The baby has passed the first level smoothly, and the body can be a lot easier.But the belly will feel more and more heavy, and the number of times to go to the toilet is significantly increased.

Fifth month

Finally, half of the pregnancy has passed. This month, the characteristics of pregnant women’s pregnant women are even more obvious. The belly is getting bigger and bigger. In order to support the baby in the stomach, the buttocks of the pregnant mother have begun to be full and more. Some pregnant mothers have alreadyIt can secrete milk in a small amount and prepare for breastfeeding.However, due to the effects of progesterone, the ligament and joints of pregnant mothers start to relax, and sometimes there will be a feeling of backache back pain. At this time, pay attention to the appropriate amount of exercise.The baby has a bad effect, and it will also bring some discomfort to pregnant women.However, the most happy thing this month is that pregnant mothers can already feel the baby’s movement, and can be immersed in the fun of fetal movement every day. You can also drive the prospective father and feel the happiness of life.

Six months

Do n’t forget to do big rows this month, because the baby ’s baby has been developing in all aspects at this time. You can view your baby through medical instruments.

This time, the uterus has gradually fallen from a high position. At 18-20 cm above the pubic bone, the stomach is more rounded. It is oppressed by the uterus. Sometimes pregnant women may feel unsatisfactory breathing, and occasionally symptoms of indigestion may occur.EssenceIf you stand for a long time, you may have varicose veins on your legs, and your legs and feet may begin to appear edema.

Seventh month

At this time, the stomach is already very large, and there will be someone who will give up when you go out, but because the belly is too large, the posture of the pregnant woman walks changes. In order to maintain a balance, the pregnant woman will deliberately put her shoulders back and lick the stomach because I can’t see it.At the road, pregnant women also began to become careful.

The uterus in the body also becomes sensitive. If it is a little irritating, it will easily cause contractions. Therefore, pregnant women in this month must not frequently stimulate the abdomen.

Eighth month

At this time, the baby’s baby began to concentrate on growing weight and height, so the pregnant woman’s belly will become faster. At the same time, it will compress the lungs and internal organs, which may make some pregnant women feel uncomfortable again.Sour, and which back pain in the previous back pain will be more intense.

Ninth month

This month’s uterus is even higher, and the pressure on the bladder is even more increasing. Many pregnant mothers have more frequent toilet phenomena. Many pregnant mothers may not dare to go out at this time because it is too laborious to go to the toilet.

Tenth month

Finally, the goods are going to unload. This uterus has begun to fall, and it will slowly enter the pot. At this time, the appetite of the pregnant woman will also become better, because there is nothing to do with the stomach.At this time, contractions will become frequent and have no regular. This is not a real contraction. Pregnant mothers must learn to distinguish themselves. The real contraction is regular.

Pregnancy is a happy thing, and it is also a happy thing. Pregnant mothers may wish to enjoy this unique experience, because this may be the most memorable time in my life.I wish you all good luck, your baby is healthy.

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