What changes in the first month of pregnancy?If you perceive 7 performances, most of them are pregnant

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The sisters who are eager to "get pregnant" always want to find evidence of whether they are pregnant with their baby, some are anxious to buy test strips, and some want to go to the hospital for examination.

But my heart was very contradictory. I was always afraid of emptiness and rejoicing, but I didn’t dare to take the first step.

So, do you really feel at all during pregnancy?In fact, if the expectant mothers are sensitive, they can still notice a little change.

If you can perceive the following 7 performances, most of them are pregnant, congratulations in advance!

Of course, you should also pay attention, don’t doubt whether you have a cold, so that you should take medicine random, so as not to cause trouble, let alone carelessness, keep warm.

1. The appetite is different

Many pregnant mothers will find that in the early stages of pregnancy, their appetite becomes unbelievable. When she loves to eat now, she is disgusting when she smells it.

This change can be described as confusing and surprising. Even some smells make people feel different. Like or disgust is really not controlled by themselves.

Some even accompanied by symptoms such as nausea and vomiting (this varies from person to person, not every pregnant mother will do this). At this time, you can try to eat gum and soda water.

2. The lower abdomen is swelling and painful, and the waist is sour

The lower abdomen appears similar to dysmenorrhea, but the menstrual time is approaching but not red. In this case, you need to check whether you are really pregnant.

Don’t be caused by the pressure of fatigue. If you are pregnant, you may not deceive yourself. It is best to buy early pregnancy test strips to test.

If you are really pregnant, you can continue to wear ordinary clothes, just pay attention to the waist and do not try too tight.

3. The body is "fat"

Pregnancy sometimes causes different degrees of edema and edema in some parts of the body, and it feels a lot of fat.

Don’t panic when you are swollen. You can see if your hands, feet, legs are swollen, or are the face and eyelids swollen?

If it is only swollen in the hands and feet, it means that it is only a physiological puffiness. It does not matter; if it is puffiness on the face, eyelids, etc., then you need to seek medical treatment in time, because this is a pathological puffiness and is harmful to the body.

4. Sleepy, tired, love to sleep

There was a mother in the group before, and she made such a mistake.

For a while, she felt that she was under pressure to work. She was always sleepy, and she was afraid of coldness and tiredness. She thought it was a cold. As a result, she had not seen the medicine for two days. She went to the hospital for examination and found that she was pregnant with a baby.

Later, she was worried about it for a long time, fearing that the child could not have it. After observing it for a long time, I took it down. Fortunately, it was healthy after the child was born.

There are indeed symptoms of colds in the early stages of pregnancy, so sisters must pay attention to it, do not hurt a innocent little life because of wrong judgment, and be sure to check the possibility of pregnancy.

5. Donests becomes more

Many sisters during this period will find that their underwear is easy to "dirty" and the secretions increase a lot. What is going on?

After pregnancy, due to the increase in estrogen, the secretions will naturally increase. At this time, you only need to pay attention to hygiene and change your underwear.

6. Breast bloating and pain

If there is still a period of time before the next menstruation, but it has already experienced pain, especially when it is painful, you must go to the hospital or buy a pregnancy test stick to check it. Perhaps it is a good "pregnancy".

7, frequent urination, constipation, etc.

Frequent urination, love to go to the toilet, but there is some constipation, which is also a good "pregnancy" phenomenon.Because the changes in the uterus will have a certain effect on the rectum and bladder, leading to frequent urination or constipation.

If you are preparing for pregnancy, you have the above 7 symptoms, you must check it out to ensure whether it is really a good "pregnancy".

1. Learn "pregnancy" knowledge

Specific parents must be prepared in the early stages of early pregnancy, especially to maintain a good mood, which is very important.

Both sides to learn the knowledge of pregnancy can help enhance their feelings and create a warm pregnancy environment together. It will also allow Baoma to let go of their ideological burden and make the family warmer.

2. Healthy diet

In the early stages of early pregnancy, the appetite of expectant mothers will be unstable and even decreased. Therefore, it is best to strengthen the practice of food. It is best to achieve all the color and fragrance, which will help take sufficient nutrition in time.

In addition, pay attention to watering in time to supplement vitamin B1 and cellulose foods, which can reduce or relieve constipation.

It is also a good choice to eat less meals. Baoma can adjust according to her own taste.

3. Exercise is indispensable

Exercise should be appropriate, not too much.

It is recommended to do lightweight exercise such as yoga, health exercises, and outdoor walking, which can reduce various discomfort during early pregnancy and divert attention.

4. Do not overwork and overwhelm

If there are no adverse effects, you can work normally during pregnancy, but you must pay attention to work and rest, but you are exhausted.If the pregnancy response is serious, then you need to rest well, mainly your baby.

Early pregnancy reactions vary from person to person, and some are relatively strong, while others have no effect, but in any case, these symptoms will disappear or relieve with the birth of the baby.

A happy mood is a necessary homework for pregnancy. Many things and emotions need to be adjusted slowly by yourself, come on!

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