What causes ovulation?

Women of childbearing age usually ovulates normally every month.Because ovulation is affected by many factors, it does not matter if you occasionally ovulation at a time.However, if you do not ovulate for a long time, the endometrium is excessively hyperplasia, and the period of period of period is lacking, it is easy to increase the risk of gynecological cancer.What is the cause of ovulation? Let’s understand.

What causes ovulation?

1. Congenital ovarian dysplasia:

Total ovarian dysplasia, premature ovarian function, and endocrine disorders affect the hypothalamus, which causes ovulation obstacles.

2. Pyphiasis dysfunction:

If female friends suffer from pituitary dysfunctional diseases such as pituitary adenoma, Xihan syndrome and other pituitary dysfunctional diseases, they will not ovulate.

3. Ovarian dysfunction:

Which are the causes of ovulation disorders in life? Female friends suffer from premature ovarian failure, congenital ovarian dysplasia, and polycystic ovary and other ovarian diseases that do not treat them in time, which will cause ovulation.

4. Humana brain disorder:

It is divided into two cases: functional disorders and organic disorders. The former includes special meantitibly encephalopenic non -menstrual, heart -induced menstruation, functional high prolactin, and neurological anorexia;Tumor, encephalitis, after the head trauma.

5, malnutrition:

If there are severe malnutrition and abnormal thyroid function, it will also affect our ovarian function, which will cause obstacles to ovulation.Then there is excessive obesity or excessive thinness that leads to endocrine disorders can also lead to ovulation disorders.

For patients with polycystic ovary syndrome, our first treatment is to let her lose weight, and to control her diet through exercise to reduce her weight. If weight loss can be lost by 5%, she can restore her menstruation to normal.We also met many such patients in clinical practice. By losing weight, she can completely restore her ovulation and enable her to conceive.

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