What causes anal itching and how to treat it

There are many reasons for the occurrence of itching in the patient, and the treatment should be carried out according to the specific cause.First of all, the personal hygiene is not proper, which causes itching of the anal skin. Generally, itching will disappear after timely cleaning.In addition, physiological factors such as environmental impact, adverse eating habits, and plant neuropathic disorders may cause anal itching, but it can be improved through self -conditioning.If itchy anal itching is caused by disease, anal skin allergies, anal skin infection, etc., it is recommended to treat it according to the cause.

1. Environmental impact: If the anus is often rubbed in an excessively dry environment, it can easily cause the anal skin to crack, which can cause itching and pain such as itching and pain in the anus. Usually use wet toilet paper to observe whether the symptoms can be relieved.In addition, high temperatures in summer can cause the human body’s sweat glands to secrete strong, sweat stimulate the anal skin, and it can also cause itching of the anus. It is recommended to take a bath frequently.

2. Bad eating habits: If you often consume spicy, greasy and other irritating diets, you may cause more serious anal itching symptoms after defecation.It is recommended to adjust the diet structure in time in time to comply with the light and digestible dietary principles;

3. Plant nerve disorders: long -term depression,

Negative emotions such as anxiety and restlessness may cause patients with plant nerves to cause disorders, causing unwell, chest tightness, and abnormal feelings. Some patients may have abnormal reactions such as numbness and itching of anal skin.This situation is mainly related to psychological causes. The patient has no organic lesions. If necessary, it can be treated in the psychology department. Most symptoms of anal itching can gradually disappear with emotional improvement.

1. Anal skin allergies: If the patient itself is sensitive, once the panties are uncomfortable, or the underwear is exposed to allergens such as pollen and dust mites, it is easy to induce allergic reactions, and severe itching can often appear in the anus.At this time, it is recommended that patients replace and clean their personal clothes in time to avoid allergens and eliminate allergies from the source;

2. Anal skin infection: When fungal and virus infections appear near the anus, the anal athletes, condyloma acuminatum, etc. can cause itching and redness. It is recommended to go to the hospital for treatment and treat it with antiviral and antifungal drugs;

3. Anorectal disease: Our fissures, hemorrhoids, anal sinusitis, etc. are common, mainly caused by constipation, sedentary, drinking and other factors.Patients may have obvious anal itching, foreign body sensation, etc., which can improve their dietary habits. They can be treated with drugs such as Oshinming, grass and rhinos, and other drugs. Surgical treatment is taken if necessary.Patients with anal fissure can use erythromycin ointment and other external drugs to relieve itching;

4. Other diseases: Common diabetes, hyperthyroidism, and tapeworm diseases. Such anal itching should be treated with primary diseases.Diabetes need to be used hypoglycemic drugs; hyperthyroidism needs to be used with anti -thyroid drugs; patients with tapeworm disease need to be deworming with drugs and other drugs. After the primary disease is controlled or cured, itching of the anal can be relieved or even disappeared.

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