What can’t be done in confinement?Novice Bao Mom is unique, avoiding 7 misunderstandings and recovery quickly

High school girlfriends talked to me for a long time last night. She has no children for many years, and she has not checked any problems. Later, she was successful in test tubes. The father -in -law and mother -in -law were happy.There were no children in their hearts. They were suffering from their hearts. During pregnancy, her mother -in -law took care of her girlfriends very thoughtfully and meticulously.

However, after confinement, girlfriends and mother -in -law have disputes due to many different views.In accordance with the old rules, her mother -in -law said that she was not allowed to take a bath, washing her hair, or even brushing her teeth during the confinement. Girlfriends were very depressed. Girlfriends were girls with cleanliness, so she would not let her brush her teeth crazy.

The girlfriend said depressedly: What age is it, and still have to stay with these old man?

Some unacceptable rules will also communicate with the elderly.

1. Don’t have the same room

Because someone asked everyone online.The baby is already born.Are you confinement now, can you be in the same room?This problem has been made by everyone, which can be said to be No Zuo No Die.

The maternal who given normal delivery can slowly recover the normal size after 42 days; the endometrium requires 56 days to achieve completely healing, and the vaginal mucosa requires ovarian function to recover normal, that is, after menstruation, it can be fully recovered;

The postpartum maternal physiological changes are very large. After pregnancy and trauma, the reproductive organs must be recovered for a period of time after pregnancy and childbirth. It is best to restore the same room after recovery. Otherwise, it may cause various inflammation.

2. Don’t be angry

My mother’s personal experience, but when she is angry, there must be no milk!When I was a child, my mother was so angry with my father. The neighbor’s house was fed to me. For a long time, I saw milk, and I immediately rushed over. After drinking, I found that I was not my own mother.Tomple all spit it out.

The mother’s milk secretion is dominated by the lucnchon hormone, and the prolactin is secreted by the pituitary gland. Ethics will cause the human endocrine metabolic disorders, affect the secretion of milk, cause weaning, and may cause postpartum depression.

3. Don’t cry

Crying is a kind of emotional vent, but the mother who confinement should cry without moving.

Because of the changes in her progesterone, the mother who confinement is easy to be low or irritable and irritable. If the husband does not understand, does not know how to take care of the baby, etc., it will cause depression and easily cry.

Tears of confinement will affect blood circulation, increase eye fatigue, affect eye health, and it is easy to appear "eye -catching eyes" by the people.

4. Don’t be busy losing weight

During the confinement, there is a lot of water in soup, and Baoma’s body will be easily "urged".

Many Baoma will ask, how to lose weight quickly after giving birth?After all, it was finally unloaded. The lovers who love beauty can’t help it in the face of the bloated figure, but blindly losing weight can easily cause the milk secretion, and the child’s rations cannot be delayed.

It is recommended to choose a safe weight loss method in 6 months after giving birth. You can eat more high -fiber, high -quality protein vegetables, fruits and coarse grains, etc. On weekdays, you can eat less greasy foods. In addition, it is not difficult to lose weight.Come down.

5. Don’t eat too much salt

During the confinement, it is mainly based on light and warm food. Do not eat spicy and cold foods because it will affect milk;

In traditional concepts, it is best not to eat salt. This is not enough. Eating salt appropriately can help eliminate toxins in the body and increase appetite, but do not excess, because the baby needs less salt milk, and if you eat more salt, it will increase the burden on the kidneys.It is not conducive to Bao Ma to restore her body.

6. Looking less on mobile phones and TVs

During the confinement, Baoma may feel boring and brush a small video. It is half a day, but the postpartum mother’s body is very weak, especially for the first 10 days, just after the production, the retina will have edema. Brush the brush.Too much mobile phone can cause eye fatigue and damage.

7. Don’t lie down and don’t move

In the old rules of confinement, the mother was required to lie as much as possible, but modern medicine believes that mothers should go out of bed in time after giving birth to promote blood circulation, promote the discharge of lochia, and help postpartum recovery.

During the confinement, the sweat glands developed. Bao Ma often sweats and is accompanied by lochia. It will be uncomfortable. After 7 days of delivery, the cesarean section can take a bath after 10 days to half a month, but pay attention to the following few.point:

:Washing is "fast": When confinement, you will worry that Bao Ma will be cold and wind, so take a bath faster, do not wash it carefully as before;

室 The environment should be warm: the temperature of the bathroom should be appropriate, the room temperature can be at 34-36 ° C, the water temperature should be about 45 ° C, and the temperature of the bathroom in winter should not be too high.

腹 Avoid empty stomach before taking a bath: Do not hungry your stomach to take a bath, so as not to be low blood sugar and danger.

You can brush your teeth when you are confinement. Remember to brush your teeth with warm water and do not use cold water.

"Winter prevention of cold, summer heat, spring and autumn wind and wind prevention", remember this basic principle, scientific confinement will benefit Baoma’s body more!

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