What can the follicle that allows you to get pregnant quickly?These two foods help you raise good follicles

Sisters all know that if follicle development is poor and unable to discharge, it will affect the process and results of pregnancy.Therefore, follicle development is a very concerned issue for many female friends who prepare for pregnancy.

If you want to get pregnant smoothly, it is important to have good follicles!Good follicles, medicine are called advantageous follicles.Today, take the sisters to get to know the superior follicles.

Advantageous follicles meet 3 major standards: suitable height, round body shape, and independent superiority!

Standard 1: Appropriate height

Eggs and follicles are developing simultaneously, and the size of the follicles is directly related to the quality of the eggs.

Generally speaking, the degree of development of large follicles is better and the quality of eggs is high; and the low degree of development of small follicles can lead to poor egg quality.

Secondly, there are more follicular fluids in large follicles, which will be discharged with eggs to release more estrogen and progesterone, so that the soil of the endometrium is more fertile, and provides more "nutrients" for fertilized eggs.

Finally, after ovulation, large follicles will form larger luteal, which will produce more estrogen and progesterone, that is, the luteal function is better.

Of course, the larger the follicles are, the better. Generally speaking, the size of the mature follicles is 18-25mm, the follicles are too large without rupture, the ovulation function is lost, and it will occur.; So if you want to get pregnant quickly, it is very important to have suitable follicles.

However, follicle maturity and diameter during ovulation will vary from person to person and the moon, some are rowed to 15mm, and some are exhausted to 25mm or even greater.

Standard 2: round body shape

Follicles are like seeds, full, round, thin and clear inner walls, and superior follicles are generally the case.

If the two diameter differences of follicles are ≥3mm, it is called flat follicle (such as 15mm*20mm), the follicles are flat without swelling, indicating that the follicle quality is not good.Such follicles are more difficult to conceive your baby.

Standard three: advantageous independent seedlings

Some people think that if there are many follicles develop at the same time, can it be pregnant with a multi -cell? Isn’t this a beautiful thing?

But in fact, there is usually only one advantageous follicles. If there are multiple follicles on one side of the ovaries on one side, there is no obvious advantageous follicles. This may be caused by endocrine disorders, such as polycystic ovarian syndrome.

In the end, it will only cause any follicles to not grow old and not good, and it is difficult to ovulate and conceive normally.

What to eat helps follicles development?

Grain foods are plant estrogen foods. Women eat more cereal foods not only to supplement estrogen, but also effectively promote the development of follicles and promote the chance of ovulation and increase.There are many foods rich in plant estrogen in beans, of which black beans are the most typical.

The normal development of the eggs is indispensable for the participation of vitamin C. Therefore, in order to ensure the normal progress of ovulation, female friends can eat more foods rich in vitamin C.Fresh vegetables containing vitamin C such as leek, spinach, green pepper, cucumber, cauliflower, cabbage, broccoli, etc.Fruits rich in vitamin C include fresh dates, kiwi, hawthorn, grapefruit, strawberry, orange, lemon and so on.

In order to have a perfect body’s advantageous follicles, in addition to paying attention to the balanced diet, the sisters should also pay attention to daily life. They must learn to combine work, relax their physical and mental, and discover gynecological diseases in a timely manner.

Sisters, in order to "pregnancy", more importantly, pre -pregnancy examinations, scientifically prepare pregnancy, and strive for "one blow to the middle"!””” Follicle development “” Follicle is not round “” 不 不 百”@

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