What can I do in addition to drinking more water with throat sore throat?Try these two Chinese medicine methods

Autumn dry attacks!After entering the autumn, because of the dry air and the temperature difference between morning and evening, many people have begun to commit small problems.

There will be dry itching discomfort, swallowing with foreign body sensation, and always want to clear the throat; serious throat and pain will occur, as if a flame is roasted on the neck, drinking water, swallowing the west, and speaking your throat will hurt.Uncomfortable.

As soon as the throat and pain occur, many people think of getting angry or a cold. In fact, it is not necessarily. In many cases, it is caused by virus or bacterial infections, which is our common pharyngitis.

Pharyngitis, as a high incidence of respiratory tract in life, is regardless of age and gender, but once the attack is tortured, it seriously affects the quality of life.So, how can we completely get rid of the trouble of pharyngitis?Xiaojiu came to talk today.

Pharyngitis is an inflammation of pharyng mucosa and its lymphatic tissue. It can be divided into acute pharyngitis and chronic pharyngitis according to the course of the disease. The main difference is that the cause of the pathogenic cause and the symptoms of the onset are different.

Acute pharyngitis is mostly due to factors such as cold, fatigue, excessive tobacco and alcohol, and local and local resistance decreased, and external bacteria or viral infections are in deficiency.Frequent contact with dust, harmful irritation, or eating irritating foods may also cause acute pharyngitis.

Generally, the onset is more urgent. From the beginning, the pharynx was dry, burning, and severe cough. The throat had strong pain, worsening when swallowing, and obvious ear pain during the swallowing side.Fraged adults or children will have significant systemic symptoms, manifested as fever and fear of cold, headache, loss of appetite, sore limbs, etc.

If acute pharyngitis is not treated in a timely manner and repeated attacks, it is easy to delay into chronic pharyngitis. Its symptoms are stubborn and manifested as pharyngeal discomfort, foreign body sensation, burning sensation, dryness or irritation, and sometimes slight pain.Patients often have frequent irritating coughs due to viscous secretions attached to the post -pharyngeal wall, accompanied by nausea and vomiting.

Many patients think that pharyngitis is just a throat pain or a serious illness. It does not need to be treated with special treatment.This is actually a big misunderstanding.

Drinking plenty of water can improve the discomfort of pharyngitis to a certain extent, such as alleviating the dryness and itching of the pharynx, which can also accelerate the discharge of sputum.However, pharyngitis is an inflammation of the throat, a pathological response. Drinking water does not have a therapeutic effect, and drinking a lot of water to hurt the spleen and stomach, but aggravate the disease.

In addition, if pharyngitis is not treated for a long time, it may cause lesions of other organs, such as otitis media, tonsillitis, myocarditis, etc.Patients clear their throats often to make their chest stress stronger.

And some people suffer from anti -inflammatory drugs and antibiotics after pharyngitis, but they can only temporarily control the condition, and they are only effective for acute pharyngitis caused by viruses and bacteria.Not only is it invalid for chronic pharyngitis, but because the abuse of anti -inflammatory drugs can easily lead to endocrine disorders, the body’s immunity decreases, which makes the disease repeatedly.

Pharyngitis is easy to repeat, and the specimen is required. The traditional Chinese medicine therapy focuses on cure and focuses on nourishment. Depending on the difference in acute and chronic pharyngitis pathology, it will have a better effect according to the diagnostic typing method.

Acute pharyngitis: Should relieve wind and solve the table, clear heat and detoxify

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that acute pharyngitis is mostly caused by foreign evils and lungs.

Principles of treatment: sparse wind solution, clearing heat and detoxifying.Generally, it is treated with stinky grass, fat sea, Ophiopogon, Xuan ginseng, honeysuckle and other cold medicinal materials for treatment.

Of course, you can also choose Chinese medicine preparations that are convenient to take, such as Lingdan Grass particles, which are selected from Yunnan Di Dan Dancao with multiple pharmacological effects such as antibacterial, anti -inflammatory, and antiviral.The effects of clearing heat and sparse wind, detoxifying and throat, cough and dismissal.Generally can be taken with warm water, and throat swelling and pain are recommended.Conventional 2-3 boxes are a course of treatment to consolidate the curative effect.

Chronic pharyngitis: nourishing yin and clearing lungs, raw Jinli pharynx

Chronic pharyngitis is mostly caused by deficiency of lung and spleen and kidney, and larynx tips, which is the so -called "gold breaking". It is more common in the clinic of lung yin insufficiency and phlegm heat stagnation type and lung yin insufficient and wind heat type.

The principle of treatment: nourish yin and clear lungs, and Shengjinli.Generally, Chinese medicine such as Yuanshen, Ophiopogon, Land, Double Flowers, Drinking, Licorice, Orange Peel, and Atractylodes.

In addition, you can also eat some foods and soup drinks with nourishing yin and lung effects, such as pears, tofu, duck meat, honey, bamboo shoots, etc.Drink appropriately according to the attack.

Adjust their habits

Traditional Chinese medicine admires "preventive first prevention". In addition to treatment, patients are more important to adjust their lifestyle.Only by changing the original bad habits, avoiding the pathogenic factor, and doing daily treatment can we avoid repeated epiphysis.

Patients should quit smoking and alcohol, avoid spicy, too cold, overwhelmed, and irritating foods with fishy smell; they should eat light and digestible foods, eat more fresh vegetables and fruits; occasionally use fresh saline to rinse my mouth, clean and clean and clean and clean and cleanWet throat to prevent bacterial infections.

Pay attention to the ventilation of the windows in life to maintain the appropriate temperature and humidity of the room; ensure sufficient sleep to avoid excessive labor; exercise appropriately every week to improve immunity.Autumn and winter are coming, pay attention to keep warm, avoid colds, and have a positive effect on preventing pharyngitis.

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