What can be done during pregnancy, pregnant mothers must pay attention to

Early pregnancy is a very special period.Because the just formed embryo is extremely sensitive to many factors and stimuli in the outside world.Therefore, be sure to take care of yourself to avoid causing fetal malformations or abortion.Let ’s follow the editor of Xi Yuezi to see what things ca n’t do during pregnancy and what are the precautions.

1. Prevent a cold

Ordinary colds and influenza are infected by viruses.Although ordinary colds have little effect on the fetus, if the body temperature is maintained at about 39 ° C for a long time, embryos can also be caused.Frequent colds, not only the virus may cause deformity of the embryo or fetus, the toxicity of high fever and virus can also stimulate uterine contraction and cause abortion.Therefore, avoid going to public places in the early pregnancy, especially in the cold season, while avoiding contact with cold patients in life.

2. Don’t take medicine by yourself

If you have discomforts such as cold and cold, headache and insomnia between 30-40 days of pregnancy, do not take medicine yourself.At this time, it was the most sensitive period for the embryo tissue to the drug. The embryo that had just formed was very immature, and it was easily damaged by some drugs and caused malformations or abortion.Do not use antipyretics when you have a fever. You must go to the doctor in time and tell the pregnancy time so that doctors can choose drugs that are both effective but not harmful to the fetus.

3. Forbidden to do abdominal X -ray examination

In the early pregnancy stage, especially when pregnancy is 15-56 days, the organ of the embryo is in a highly differentiated formation.Once X -rays are accepted, especially the abdomen, embryo deformities are prone to occur, and small heads, dementia, cerebral edema, and small eyes have developed defects.Therefore, the abdominal X -rays are absolutely prohibited in the first two months of pregnancy.In addition, the conventional pulmonary perspective during pregnancy can be postponed to 4 months of pregnancy. X -ray pelvic measurement should also be avoided as much as possible in the early pregnancy. It is best to arrange about 36 weeks of pregnancy.

4. Should not be too long in bathing time

In the early pregnancy, early pregnancy will make the body of the pregnant woman weaker due to early pregnancy.If the bathing time in a closed bathroom is too long, it will cause hypoxia, making pregnant women feel tired, chest tightness, dizziness, and even collapse in the bathroom;Especially for a long time to make hot water baths, it can cause uterine congestion, stimulate the uterine muscles to shrink and cause abortion.

5. Do not apply a strong fragrance perfume

The strong perfume contains some artificial aromatherapy, which is easy to stimulate the respiratory tract and skin nervous system of pregnant women, causing allergic reactions, such as itching of the skin, which can also cause discomfort such as dizziness, cough, and even headache. Pregnant women are very sensitive.In addition, strong perfumes can easily cause diarrhea and ear infections after birth.Therefore, it is best to avoid using this perfume during pregnancy.

6. Try not to take the road of bumps as much as possible

Many pregnant women in early pregnancy are still working every day.If you ride bicycles on a bumpy road, take a bus or work in the flight attendant, it is easy to cause pelvic congestion due to severe vibration or overworked, causing stimulation to embryo tissue, and causing adverse results such as natural abortion or threatening abortion.Therefore, try to avoid uneven roads when riding or ride in early pregnancy to avoid accidents.

Seven, the pregnancy vomiting should seek medical treatment early

Pregnant women are pregnant. Pay attention to the light diet and eat less meals. If you eat less, you can prepare sugar and saline at home or go to the pharmacy to buy oral supplemental salt.A small number of pregnant women responded very strongly in the early pregnancy, and nausea and vomiting were completely unable to eat. They should go to the hospital early to seek medical treatment, and usually need to be hospitalized.Otherwise, it will not only greatly affect your health, but also bring serious consequences to the development of the fetus due to lack of nutrition and dehydration.

8. Have a cold at home. Don’t stand up hard at home

Although improper medication in early pregnancy, it is easy to cause embryo tissue deformity, but once you have a cold, you have to go to the doctor as soon as possible. Don’t hold it at home."Triven Diseases and Do Medical" can easily increase the condition and delay the treatment time, which will also damage the embryo tissue.

Nine, don’t cook too late to go to bed

If you fall asleep late every day, it is easy to disrupt the biological clock rhythm in the body, which will reduce the secretion of growth hormone, affect the growth and development of the fetus, and even stagnate growth and development.At the same time, pregnant women are also prone to discomfort such as headache, insomnia, irritability, etc., making the early pregnancy reaction more aggravated.It is recommended to sleep before 10 o’clock every night.

10. Use your mobile phone as little as possible

In the first three months of pregnancy, it was a period when the embryonic division and the formation of various tissues and organs, and the mobile phone may produce certain electromagnetic radiation in the working state, making the embryos that are developing easily damaged.Especially when connecting the mobile phone in the car, the electromagnetic radiation intensity will suddenly increase many times.Therefore, it is best to use the mobile phone as little as possible in the early pregnancy.

Eleven, it’s better not to wear contact lenses

Due to endocrine changes in the early pregnancy, the corneal tissue of pregnant women is mild edema, and wearing contact lenses can easily increase the keratin hypoxia.Coupled with the decrease in the amount of tears in the pregnancy itself, the increase in mucus composition, it is easy to cause uncomfortable with foreign body sensation, dryness, and grinding of the eyes. It will also cause conjunctivitis due to small arteries contracture.Therefore, wearing contact lenses discomfort will increase than before pregnancy, it is best to wear frame glasses.

12. Avoid putting the refrigerator in the bedroom

Pregnant women need to spend a long time in the bedroom every day, and the data shows that once the noise produced in the refrigerator in the bedroom exceeds the standard, it will seriously damage the growth and development of the early pregnancy embryos and become a cause of teratogenic.The refrigerator of the refrigerator Flion also has a teratogenic effect, which may cause serious damage to the tender fetus.The refrigerator may produce certain electromagnetic radiation in the working state, making the embryo that is developing easily damaged.

13. Avoid extreme emotional uneasy

If you are often in extremely uneasy emotions at 7-10 weeks of pregnancy, it is easy to cause developmental deformities such as rabbit lips, cleft palate, and heart defects, because at this time it is the critical period of embryo palate and organ development.After the fetus is born, it is also easy to become children with abnormal personality, such as picky eaters, good temper, very active, and even dynamic disease.

14. Hurry up to the hospital with abdominal pain

In the early stages of pregnancy, abdominal pain with persistently aggravated abdominal pain may occur in ectopic pregnancy or abortion.This is a relatively dangerous sign. You should pay enough attention and go to the hospital as soon as possible.Do not take it lightly, so as not to delay the timing of treatment.

Fifteen, try not to warm the heating blanket as much as possible

Although the electric blanket commonly used in life is small, due to the body of the pregnant woman at the time of use, there may be potential risks for embryo tissue in the early stages of pregnancy.Some information shows that the use of electric blankets in the first three months of pregnant women in pregnancy, the incidence of natural abortion is greatly increased.

16. Reduce the number of sexual life

In the first three months of pregnancy, because the placenta has not been completely formed, there are not enough amounts of progesterone secretion in pregnant women, which is most likely to occur.If sexual life is too frequent or moved, it is easy to stimulate uterine contraction and cause abortion.Therefore, it is necessary to minimize sexual life, especially pregnant women who have had habitual abortion in the past.

17. Do not go out alone to travel alone

Early pregnancy is a period of high incidence of natural miscarriage, try to avoid traveling alone.As a last resort, go out and ask the doctor’s opinion first.At the same time, there must be other people to accompany them to take care of pregnant women.Of course, there are no crowded places in the peak tourist season.

18. Change off high heels or unfoot shoes

Early pregnancy embryo tissue is fragile and easily affected by some external stimuli.If you are still wearing high heels or shoes, you can easily cause miscarriage once your body falls.

19. Arrange diet during pregnancy

If pregnant women lack nutrition due to pregnancy, it will also affect the growth of embryo tissues.Therefore, we should pay attention to arrange diet during pregnancy. Based on the principle of light, less greasy and easy to digest, cook as much as possible, eat less meals, and satisfy the taste and dietary habits of pregnant women.At the same time, eat more fresh vegetables and fruits to meet the needs of various vitamins and trace elements to prevent acidosis.

20. It is not advisable to do violent activities

Pregnant women can strengthen their physical fitness and promote childbirth when the fetus is born.However, the placenta has not been completely formed in the early stages of pregnancy, and there is the most prone to abortion at this time.Therefore, we must choose suitable exercise, such as walking and soft gymnastics.Be careful during exercise, so as not to cause abortion too much.

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