What calcium tablets do pregnant women start calcium supplementation?

Anyone who is pregnant knows that eating calcium tablets to supplement calcium in pregnancy is to ensure health during pregnancy. At the same time, it is necessary to maintain the calcium required for normal development of the fetus.There are many types of calcium tablets on the market. For those who are new to pregnancy, I do n’t know that calcium tablets are good. So, what calcium tablets do pregnant women eat?

Eating calcium tablets during pregnancy is not only to meet the needs of their metabolism, pregnant women should not provide a large amount of calcium for the fetus.Therefore, choosing calcium tablets for pregnant women is important for children’s growth and normal development. So, do you know what calcium tablets for pregnant women eat?When will pregnant women start calcium supplementation?Let’s take a look now!

Tomson Beijian: It is a good product for most pregnant women to supplement calcium. Not only is the raw materials safe and reliable, naturally calcium, but also very high calcium content, which can effectively reduce the problems of bone crispy loosening during pregnancy.In addition, vitamin D is added during production, which can improve the absorption of calcium, reduce bone calcium loss, and make the calcium supplement effect more obvious.

Golden Qishi Pregnant Women Calcium: From Norway, it is selected from natural milk calcium and natural DHA refined.It is specifically designed for pregnancy, maternal and infants, and provides dual impetus for the irreversible development of the brain.It is easier to absorb and bones.High -purity DHA, safe and pollution, promote the development of the brain and vision.

Calcium: It is a product recommended by all doctors, especially the sales of calcium tablets for pregnant women ranks first.Each calcium tablet not only contains 600mg of calcium, but also adds vitamin D, which can help calcium absorption.In addition, it uses calcium carbonate as a calcium source, so it is suitable for various people.

The source of calcium: For the recommendation of the calcium tablet brand of pregnant women, many mothers recommend calcium fate.The main raw materials of calcium margins are calcium carbonate, white sugar, vitamin D, and starch. It has a good taste. It is easier to absorb calcium if combined with protein zinc.The edge of calcium is rich in calcium and does not contain lead. It is more suitable for pregnant women and children. It has a good improvement of symptoms such as fragments, joint pain, and dizziness of pregnant women during pregnancy.

Amway Nutrite: Everyone knows it for it. It is one of the best products on the market in my country.Its products not only use natural seaweed extract, but also rich in calcium carbonate and magnesium oxide, supplementing calcium and nutrition to the body.In addition, it adds vitamin D to help calcium absorption, strengthen bone health, and keep pregnant women away from osteoporosis.

When will pregnant women start calcium supplementation

The early pregnancy is the period of formation of various tissues and organs of embryos. The nutritional status of pregnant mummy is critical to the continued growth and normal development of the fetus.At this time, the demand for calcium in pregnant women is roughly the same as that of normal people, so there is no need for special calcium.

Calcium supplementation starts in the second trimester.At this time, pregnant moms can eat some digestible foods, such as biscuits, steamed buns, grilled bread, cakes, etc., eat more water -rich vegetables and fruits.Can reduce the feeling of pregnancy discomfort.

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