What are the uncomfortable problems during pregnancy?

In the early pregnancy, I felt that I couldn’t eat anything. I was uncomfortable when I ate something.And only the fruits and cucumbers, the virgin fruits and some vegetables can not eat at all, and they want to vomit when they smell those tastes.During the 6 weeks of pregnancy, I went to bed at night and suddenly had a stomachache. I didn’t hurt a few seconds. I thought it was okay and then I went to bed the next morning. I found that there was a little blood on the underwear.My husband went to the hospital to check together. The doctor said that there were symptoms of threatened abortion. The progesterone was a bit low (15:00) called a tire, prescribing some fetal medicine to eat, and then reviewing it after a week.It was really scared.It is okay to check in later.

It is three months of pregnancy, and the pregnancy reaction has gradually disappeared. Some asked the doctor to eat a little bit of stomach bloating. The doctor said that it is normal to eat less meals. This is normal!When I checked Tang Si, the blood was drawn for the blood, and I felt that the blood had to draw [Tears], and then I was worried about Tang Si.It costs 800 yuan for me to do Tang Siek, it is just burning money, spending money like flowing water [Cry quickly]

The cycle is getting bigger and bigger, and all kinds of discomfort also slowly appears. Piabecles and urine are urgent. I do n’t know how many toilets to the toilet all day long. I do n’t sleep in the toilet.Dark circles are serious.I can only rely on the day to make up for the day. When I was okay, I asked my husband to help press the back to relieve the pain.Pregnancy is too uncomfortable for me. The second child dare not want it.I went to the four -dimensional inspection a few days ago and did not pass it. The doctor asked me to go out to climb the stairs and come back half an hour.I went to climb the stairs for half an hour, but I exhausted me. They all said that I could eat something sweet before checking the four -dimensional, and I could pass it over again. Why did I eat it? [Laughing]?The last four dimensions finally passed.Each birth check is like a robbery.

Now only pray for the baby to be born in full moon.Healthy Kang grows up.

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