What are the symptoms of otitis media?How can I treat it myself?

How to treat secretion of otitis media

The treatment of secretion otitis media is as follows:

1. Anti -inflammatory treatment, rinse the nasal cavity with physiological seawater, use vascular contraction agents and nasal injection hormones to drop nose;

2. Patients with severe condition need hormones, such as oral or venous hormones.If mild secretion of otitis media, it may be recovered by the above methods; if it is very secreted in otitis media, the accumulation of the medium ear cannot be released, it is necessary to use the tympanic membrane puncture or the drum film.

3. Patients with recurrent secretions in otitis media must check whether there are sinusitis, nasopharyngeal gland samples, or tumors.For example, patients with nasopharynx carcinoma will have repeated otitis media. It is recommended to check the above situation and treat the cause;

4. If you still repeat the secretion of otitis media after exclusion, you can do the middle earpower surgery, cut the tympanic membrane, and let the trachea go to achieve the purpose of letting the middle ear to pass the gas and the discharge of the secretion.

What is the difference between external ear canal and otitis media

The difference between external ear canal and otitis media is as follows:

1. Different parts of inflammation: external ear canal inflammation occurs in the external ear canal, while otitis media occurs in the middle ear.

2. The causes of inflammation are different: the outer ear canal is inflamed, and the ear canal has water entered. The bacteria in the water invade the ear canal or the skin damage after digging the ear.Temporary.Inflammation of the middle ear is often a pain complications caused by upper respiratory tract infections such as ordinary colds or throat infections.

3. Different symptoms during inflammation: The pain in the ear is painful during the occurrence of external ear canal inflammation, and the pain of tensor, chewing, and yawn is intensified, and the auricular or pressing the ear screen has obvious pain.Outletitis often grows at the outer ear canal, which is limited to bulging. The skin of the entire outer ear canal is red and swollen. After the abscess is formed, the top becomes soft. After the pus is cooked, it can be broken by itself.Obviously relieve.Chronic otitis media is chronic inflammation of the middle ear mucosa, tympanic membrane, or deep osteopopotic, and often merge with chronic traineritis.

4. The impact of inflammation on hearing is different. Obodynamitis generally has little effect on hearing, while acute otitis media can cause tinnitus and deafness.

Can otitis media be myself?

Once patients with otitis media have symptoms such as pus, tinnitus, and hearing decreased in the ear canal, it is difficult to heal itself.

Early patients with secretion of otitis media did not pay attention to the symptoms of ear stuffy, resulting in effusion and no treatment measures, which can cause adhesive otitis media, and even cause the drum room hardening, which causes serious impact on hearing and causes tone deafness.

In addition, acute chronic purulent otitis media has a large relationship with intracranial in the fleet.For example, bilinoma formed in the middle ear, although not a real tumor, will cause severe damage to the bone quality, which will cause intracranial and external complications. The risk is high and the treatment effect is not good.Therefore, otitis media cannot heal itself.

What are the checks of otitis media

The examination of otitis media is as follows:

First, check the situation of the tympanic membrane. This needs to be used as an electronic earlocity. Electronic earmells can observe whether the tympanic membrane is congested, whether there is perforation, and whether there is a effusion in the tympanic membrane;

Second, it can be done for hearing examination, whether there is hearing decrease, and whether the ear pressure is abnormal;

Third, CT examinations that can be used for high -resolution, CT examination can clearly see the degree of mastoid and indoor lesions.

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