What are the symptoms of cervical erosion?Does cervical erosion affect pregnancy?

Cervical erosion sounds terrible, as if the inflammation is very serious. Many women are also scared after the cervical erosion is found, especially the unprecedented women, starting to be embarrassed: Will cervical erosion affect pregnancy?treat?

Many women, after diagnosis of cervical erosion, began various medical treatment, and tried various treatment methods, including surgical frozen, laser treatment, and cervical cone resection. However, these blind treatment sometimes was destructive.

Why is the treatment of cervical erosion?This is because cervical erosion is physiological and pathological.

Due to the changes in hormone levels in the body, the cervical squamous epithelium falls off, and the cylindrical epithelium grows outside. At this time, the cervix looks like erosion, which is the physiological cervical erosion.

In 2008, the 7th edition of "Obstetrics and Gynecology" textbooks of undergraduates have also been canceled the name of "cervical erosion", which is replaced by "cervical cylindrical epithelial" physiological phenomenon.In the final analysis, cervical erosion, in the final analysis, is actually a misunderstanding of a normal expression of the cervix in the past.

Therefore, this physiological cervical erosion does not affect fertility. If excessive treatment will be counterproductive, it will cause destructive sterilization.

The cervical erosion of the pathological situation may be a manifestation of cervical inflammation. After the outer perchowing of the cervix is falling off, there will be other epithelial tissues replaced at this time.The red organization looks very similar to ulcers. It seems that cervical erosion is called cervical erosion because it looks like ulcers.

For cervical erosion caused by cervicitis, the physiological condition of the cervix has been changed to a certain extent, which has a large or small impact on women’s fertility ability, and in severe cases, it can even cause women infertility.In addition, cervicitis can cause increased cervical secretions and inflammatory reactions, making the texture of cervical mucus sticky, which is not conducive to sperm passing.However, it is generally believed that light and moderate cervical erosion has little effect on fertility.

So, what are the symptoms of cervicitis?

1. Irregular vaginal bleeding

Pay attention to timely when the vagina is irregularly bleed. This is also an early early warning of cervical cancer. It usually manifested as irregular blood volume. Patients with the condition will experience symptoms such as abdominal pain and low back pain.

2. contact bleeding

Clinically, after most patients are sick, whether they are sexual intercourse, stool or go to the hospital for gynecological examination, they will find that blood will be mixed in vaginal secretions.

3. Donelism in the body

After patients have a gender relationship, their bodies often cause discomfort due to local stimulation.

4. Increase leucorrhea

The increase in leucorrhea is the most direct signal sent by the body of cervicitis patients, which is caused by the long -term stimulation of the cervical glands in the patient’s body.

Therefore, if the cervical erosion is found during the physical examination and the above discomfort symptoms are found, the diagnosis must be performed in time and treatment.If it is an acute cervicitis, it can be cured in about 7 days of treatment for treatment; if it is delayed to chronic cervicitis, the treatment is more difficult. Patients with chronic cervicitis need to receive physical treatment such as laser or freezing, andoften

Therefore, patients with clinical manifestations involve leucorrhea abnormalities and hidden pain in the lumbosacral region need to go to time to avoid acute transformation of chronic cervicitis, thereby aggravating the condition and affecting the overall efficacy.

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