What are the symptoms in the early stages of pregnancy?What do you need to pay attention to in early pregnancy?

Pregnancy is the hard process that expectant mothers must experience. After surviving discomfort in the early pregnancy, they will feel more comfortable after entering the middle of pregnancy. The fetus is also stable at this time. The expectant mother also adapts to the state of life of pregnancy.Tourism relaxes the body and mind, but for the health of the fetus, expectant mothers should also pay attention to the following matters ~

In what aspects, determine whether you are pregnant?

1. Breast

If many women have changed around the breast or breast, they also need to pay attention to whether they are pregnant. Women pregnant women usually grow bigger, or areola deeper, and even milk secretion.The phenomenon is usually due to the increase in the amount of progesterone and estrogen secretion in the body. If the breasts have changed significantly, the possibility of pregnancy is more likely.

2. Menstruation

Many expectant mothers often have menstruation in the early stages of pregnancy. This phenomenon is a precursor to pregnancy. Usually after 10 days of menstruation, menstruation stops.Essence

3. Frequent urine

Frequent urination is also one of the early symptoms of expectant mothers. This is usually because of pregnancy, the uterus gradually becomes larger, compressed the bladder, increased the pressure on the bladder, and the urine capacity decreases sharply. ThereforeIt may be pregnant, or it can be confirmed at the designated hospital.

4, appetite

Many women may also have a loss of appetite. It is prone to vomiting, anorexia or like acidity in the early pregnancy. If the pregnant woman’s menstruation stops, there is such a large change in appetite.Essence

5. Physical energy

Some women may like to exercise before pregnancy, but the decline in physical fitness of pregnancy is normal. Many women are prone to fatigue, general weakness, drowsy, etc. This is also caused by hormone effects. ThereforeYou also need to pay attention to whether you are pregnant.

6. Skin

Many expectant mothers may change their skin after pregnancy. The once tender skin also began to dry and tight after pregnancy, with acne and even dull skin.Women suddenly encounter these problems, so it is likely to be caused by pregnancy. At this time, pay attention to the care of the skin and use professional skin care products such as Jingqi to maintain the skin.

How many weeks of pregnancy can I see the pregnancy sac?

In real life, when a woman is pregnant for about 40 days, you can see the pregnancy sac. The last menstrual period starts to calculate. At the beginning, the pregnancy sac is relatively small and grow up slowly.You can see the small fetal sac through the B -ultrasound.At this time, the fetal sac may occupy less than 1/4 of the uterine cavity, and sometimes the fetal buds may be seen.If it is normal pregnancy, you can see the pregnancy sac in the uterus in about 40 days of pregnancy. Some women have a short pregnancy time and may be delayed to be seen for about 45 days.

What are the precautions in the early stages of pregnancy?

1. Supplementary nutrition

3 months before pregnancy are the critical period of fetal development. This period is the differentiation period of embryo. The facial features and tissue nerves of the fetus are also developing. Pregnant women need to provide sufficient nutrition.However, at this time, the impact of pregnant women will be conceived. Basically, she can’t eat it, and she will vomit.No matter how uncomfortable pregnant women, they must find more ways to eat more. They can eat some fruits, which can alleviate pregnancy and supplement nutrition.

2. Supplement folic acid on time

In the early stages of pregnancy, pregnant women have an important thing, that is to supplement folic acid.I believe that many pregnant women have begun to supplement folic acid during pregnancy, which is what we have always advocated.Pregnant women supplement folic acid can prevent fetal nerve tube deformities and help the fetus develop healthier.However, folic acid is irreplaceable in the human body. It must be taken from the outside world. The common is food supplement and medicine supplement.It should be noted that the amount of folic acid must follow the doctor’s guidance. If the folic acid supplement excessive amount, it is not conducive to the health of the fetus.

3. Control your emotions

In fact, throughout pregnancy, the emotions of pregnant women are important to the development of the fetus, especially in the early stages of pregnancy.If the emotional fluctuations of pregnant women have changed greatly, it is not conducive to the development of the fetus, and it may also lead to abortion.Therefore, pregnant women must learn to adjust their emotional state, and her husband and other family members should be more considerate, and take care of pregnant women in life and emotion.

4. Take more rest and do less work

In the early stages of pregnancy, although the stomach of a pregnant woman has not yet bulged, it does not mean that what pregnant women want to do. It is best to rest during this period.Pregnant women try not to do some large movements or strenuous exercise, which may cause abortion.In addition, pregnant women should not do those heavy work, such as moving things, ticked heavy objects, etc. If you want to do housework, just do some simple ones.

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