What are the special hobbies in pregnant women?I drool when I see my husband, this "taste" is really weird

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After each pregnant mother is pregnant, she basically thinks about how to make up for her tires.but?However, some pregnant mothers have some special hobbies in pregnancy.Want to know what it is?I really do n’t know, it ’s wonderful.

@: When I was not pregnant, I hated durian. After pregnancy, I found that the smell of durian was smelled well.So I bought it a little bit.From then on, a box of durian must be eaten every day, or he is uncomfortable.

@: When I was pregnant, I would like the taste of gasoline.It was relatively easy to control at the beginning of the first three months of pregnancy. When I reached it, my husband often asked my husband to take me to the gas station to refuel.In the end, I bought a bottle and went home and heard it, but the husband was afraid that I would drink it secretly and took it away.

@: I can’t smell any smell of my husband when I am pregnant, otherwise I will vomit immediately.So my husband was kicked to the small room like this.

@: I am even more speechless. When I saw my husband directly to vomit when I saw my husband, I was good at home for a day. My husband came back in class and spit it at a glance.Fortunately, I was used to vomiting, and I slowly couldn’t get it slowly after three months before pregnancy.

@ @: I just do the opposite. I especially like the taste of my husband. It is not the smell of sweat, but the taste of the bath.It smells really fragrant, it seems like the fragrance of meat, and I especially want to lick his arm and drool.I couldn’t help but bite him again, and then he was afraid when he saw me.

@: When I was pregnant, I liked the smell of wood furniture. It was the smell of wood.I called my husband directly to buy a new desk, and I had to open the drawer several times a day.

@: I think I am the most special when I am pregnant. I actually want to vomit when I see it. I spent the curtains in the room during pregnancy.With a "bat".

Parenting Capsule: Why are these quirks?It is mainly because hormones change and cause sensory vision such as human taste.After knowing the special hobbies of many Baoma, I was lucky enough to have no these.However, when I was pregnant, my appetite opened, and I was unhappy. Basically, I had to eat meat.Pork belly, pig feet are even more favorite.During pregnancy, it was more than 20 pounds.Moms, do you have any special hobbies during pregnancy?

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