What are the signs of a woman dreaming about her husband’s derailment?This is the deep reason

Coco’s husband Abado is a senior of the college high school. The two are both in Japanese 2+2 majors and are two years old.

Coco’s hometown is in Sichuan. At the age of 6, he came to Liaoning with his parents. He had a biological sister in the family. His parents were very harsh. He also poured more love on his sister and made Coco a pleasant personality.

Ado was born in a prefecture -level city and county. He has cheerful personality, likes hip -hop, singing, and is very "familiar".

At the beginning of the two people, the campus was still very sweet. When I graduated from college, Coco’s mother saw Ado for the first time, and she didn’t agree.How could his daughter insist that the two were separated and finally decided to go to Japan to develop together. Mom can only agree with this marriage, hoping to take a look at each other.

After the marriage, the couple went to Japan to develop. Coco found a customer service job. He used Japanese to call in Japanese every day. He was tedious but could also make a living. Ado also changed his job. As long as he was diligent, he would not be hungry.In my spare time, Abad likes to exercise outdoors with different friends, while Coco likes to stay at home.

In the fourth year of Japan, they finally couldn’t carry economic reasons and decided to return to China.At this time, do you face a question, is it going to a big city or returning to your hometown?In the end, Ado proposed: It is better to return to Zhuanghe with me. We live with our parents. Without the pressure of mortgages, you will concentrate on pregnancy, and some people take care of you.

Since childhood, I have been used to obeying COCO, and returned to the county seat with her husband. Ado started insurance sales. Only the Japanese advantage can only find a clerk with a monthly salary of 2,000.But one month later, there was no movement in my stomach. When I went to the city, I saw a friend who had to take a three -hour train. There was no place for entertainment in the surrounding area. She started to worry.

At this time, COCO found that Adoto, who was originally good at social, often played with colleagues’ sisters. Although there is no substantial problem, her anxiety is increasing.The derailed drama, after waking up, her mood in her dream was so real, and even woke up.

Finally, she decided to be an IVF to consolidate her marriage.

In fact, almost every woman has dreamed of derailment of her lover.This is largely attributed to fear.If there is no sense of security in a relationship, no matter what the reason, this will appear in your mind.In dreams, these fears are not controlled, which may be the best way to explain why you dream of derailment.

Most women’s emotional needs and lack of security are engraved in their bones. Many times they originate from nature and attach their lives and attach themselves on the other half.And the flattering person is too easy to ignore his needs, do not understand refusal, and do not have his own principles indicators. He uses a low posture to cater to others to obtain a sense of security in order to get a little approval.In fact, the happiness of borrowing others’ hands is always fleeting.In the process of survival, people are passively accepting a lot of things, but those who lack love want to get love, and those who do not lack love are also trying to get love. It is easy to be too dependent on the recognition of the outside world as you are not suitable.What exactly do you want.

As everyone knows, the human heart cannot be controlled. If a person cannot find the meaning of his life, then no matter who she is with, it is not easy to be happy.

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