What are the signs before pregnancy?What are the problems when you are pregnant?

After pregnancy, there are actually certain prompts in the early days, that is, the sign of pregnancy.This is to remind pregnant women to pay attention to the body and avoid unnecessary problems, which can also prevent danger of the fetus.It is very important in the early stages of pregnancy. If you are a little careless, it is likely to have a miscarriage.So, what are the signs before pregnancy?What are the problems when you are pregnant?These are all issues that pregnant women are very concerned. Let’s take a look together.

What are the signs before pregnancy?

1. Frequent urination urgency

This symptom is relatively easy to ignore, and it is easier to confuse.I often go to the toilet, which is caused by increasing the uterus to compress the bladder.The bladder is squeezed, and there is a feeling of urinating. Some women may also have urine sponge when sneezing.

2. Menstruation stop

Menstruation changes. After sex, if you find that you do not have menstruation that month or the second month, it may be pregnant.Observing your normal menstruation is the most obvious sign of pregnancy.Menstruation stops, is more likely, normal menstruation, and less likely.

3. Easy fatigue

It is usually prone to sleepy or fatigue.In the early stages of pregnancy, most women were tired. This was not caused by work, but a feeling of fatigue from the human body.This feeling will not last long, but don’t ignore it easily.

4. Breast change

The breasts after pregnancy are different from daily. The breasts may be stimulated by hormones in the body, and they will gradually become larger. The nipples and areolas are deepened, and there may be pain in pain.

5. Change appetite, nausea, vomiting

Early vomiting should be the most obvious change. I often see on TV shows that when pregnancy, it will be nauseous, vomiting, and suddenly like to eat acid. This is also a type of sign of pregnancy.

What should you pay attention to when you are pregnant

1. Pay attention to diet

Pay attention to daily diet, eat less food or not eat.Don’t drink supplements blindly, distinguish people and physique, some people are not suitable for too much tonic and some people lack nutrition.And at work, many people like to drink coffee refreshing, but coffee contain caffeine, which actually has certain disadvantages to the body, especially a baby, coffee will affect the fetus and cause restlessness.

2. Sexual life control

Pay attention to restraint in daily sexual life. 3 months before pregnancy, if sexual life can easily hurt children, and the fetus is unstable in the early pregnancy, and sexual life can easily cause miscarriage.

3. Preventing in ectopic pregnancy

Ectopic pregnancy is very harmful to children and pregnant women. It is regularly checked. If ectopic pregnancy occurs in the early stages of pregnancy, it will cause abdominal pain and vaginal bleeding. You should go to the hospital immediately.

4. Prevent fetal malformations

Pay attention to the correct understanding, check regularly, pay attention to the circulation of air, do not absorb harmful chemicals, and avoid newly renovated houses and tobacco and alcohol environments.Especially 3 months before pregnancy, it is the critical time of fetal nerve development, so it is necessary to protect it well, let alone medication to avoid fetal malformations.

Pay attention to time after early pregnancy, and do a good job of preventing the corresponding time, which can reduce the possibility of miscarriage.As a woman who is easy to slip, we need to pay more attention to prevention.Many people do not understand the signs of early pregnancy. Doing these knowledge can check their own situation, so that they can further understand and prevent.The most important thing during pregnancy is to maintain a good attitude, so that it is good for pregnant women and children.

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