What are the prospective mothers who can’t eat during pregnancy?

During pregnancy, it is a special stage, so expectant mothers should pay attention to in daily life, what can be eaten and what can not be eaten.So what are the best mothers during pregnancy cannot be eaten, and they must be balanced.

There are things that expectant mothers can’t eat:

1. Specific mothers are not recommended to drink during pregnancy.

Because alcohol contains alcohol, and alcohol can cause malformations or mental reduction in the fetus in the body. Therefore, expectant mothers cannot drink alcohol during pregnancy, and food containing alcohol cannot be eaten.

2. Specific mothers cannot eat too much sugar during pregnancy.

Sugar will consume a lot of calcium after metabolism in the human body, and if calcium deficiency during pregnancy, it will affect the development of fetal teeth, and it will also affect the development of the fetus.Sugar will make the expectant mother’s weight overweight.

3. Specific mothers are not recommended to eat chicken essence during pregnancy.

Because there is sodium glutamate in the chicken essence, if you eat too much, it will affect the absorption of zinc by pregnant women, which will affect the development of the fetal nervous system in the abdomen.

4. expectant mothers are not recommended to eat pickled food during pregnancy.

Although the pickled foods are delicious and delicious, the pickled food contains nitrite and phenylbenzine, and these substances are not good for mothers’ health.

5. Specific mothers are not recommended to eat caffeine foods during pregnancy.

Because drinking coffee will affect the human endocrine system, it will directly affect the development of the fertilized eggs. Drinking coffee will also excite the sympathetic nervousness, which will increase the heartbeat and increase the blood pressure.burden.

6. Specific mothers cannot eat various pollution foods during pregnancy.

During pregnancy, expectant mothers are during pregnancy.You should eat more fresh food, try to eat less food additives. When you eat fruit, you should wash the fruits before eating, so that pesticides are left on it.

During pregnancy, expectant mothers should eat more fruits, but not all fruits can be eaten. The fruit that expectant mothers cannot eat during pregnancy have the following:

1. expectant mothers cannot eat hawthorn during pregnancy, because hawthorn will have a certain contraction effect on the uterus, and some have abortion due to hawthorn.

2. Specific mothers cannot eat a lot of watermelon during pregnancy, because eating a lot of watermelon can easily pee, so it is easy to cause dehydration.

3. During the pregnancy, expectant mothers should eat less pineapple and bananas, because the sugar content of these fruits is relatively high. If the expectant mothers are very weighty before pregnancy, they should eat less.

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