What are the main contents of the marriage check?

Recently, a news was talked about by everyone. It tells that a man found that his wife had AIDS when his daughter was in February after marriage. In this case, the man believed that the marriage inspection agency did not do a good job of inspection, so he sued him.The hospital asked for the cost of getting married.

Of course, the man’s prosecution did not receive the support of the court. The court gave three explanations:

First, the wedding inspection institution is a formal structure, and the screening of HIV’s screening cannot guarantee 100%accuracy;

Second, the woman deliberately full of medical history and contact history at the time of marriage inspection, which affects the judgment of the doctor;

Third, HIV is not a medical disease that cannot be married. The marriage between men and women belongs to their own choice, and the woman is pregnant during the marriage check and become an established fact. In this case, it is not meaningful to discuss whether marriage can be married.Essence

Through this news, we have two questions:

1. Can I find AIDS in the marriage check?

First of all, HIV is a special inspection, just as the diagnosis cannot be confirmed as mentioned above.HIV does require at least two steps, and the initial screening and confirmation.

If the first screen is positive, it is not necessarily infected. You need to re -take blood tests and send it to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention for examination.Therefore, if you want to find and diagnose HIV, you can find and diagnose HIV.At present, HIV can get married, pregnancy and childbirth, but doctors recommend that the other half knows and avoid infection.

2. Can I get married with HIV?

For the second question, the judge in the news gave a clear reply: HIV did not belong to the legal prohibition of marriage.

What are the contents of the marriage check

The content of the marriage check is mainly divided into two major items. The first is to ask the medical history, and the second is the physical examination.Ask the history of the medical history, including the marriage history, the history of fertility, the history of mental illness, whether there is infectious diseases, the history of the family’s family genetic history, the relationship between the blood, and so on.

1. AIDS, syphilis, hepatitis B and gonorrhea.These are infectious diseases.

2. Check the mental illness;

3. Check whether the genitals are abnormal;

4. Check whether there are innate genetic diseases;

5. Check the blood routine and urine routine.

Through these necessary examinations, the general marriage examination can be found or not infectious.In addition, the wedding examination also includes some optional examination content, such as checking cardiopulmonary function, blood sugar, blood, organs, and blood tests.

However, marriage examination does not mean that men and women know the other person’s condition. Without the patient’s consent, the doctor will not inform people of the patient outside the patient.

In the "AIDS Prevention Regulations", no one may disclose information about AIDS patients without AIDS patients.However, my country’s law also stipulates that under the premise of knowing that he has AIDS, it takes concealment or non -protection, leading to the other party infection. This is defined as intentional dissemination and belongs to a criminal behavior.

Therefore, the woman’s behavior mentioned at the beginning of our article is not advisable, and it also violates the law.

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