What are the health secrets on girls’ underwear?7 abnormalities or vaginitis "come to the door"

[Fan Come on] My name is Lin Yan (a pseudonym), 42 years old.Once upon a time, my life was covered by the shadow of a man, and has been swimming between men.Recently, I started falling in love with a African man Joseph.

Joseph is an open world view. His unique perspective and lifestyle have deeply attracted me.The sweetness of love does not last too long, and the problem that makes me bothered quietly.It was an early morning. When I was cleaned, I found that the underwear was full of green mucus, and I couldn’t help but surprised.

I told myself that it may be just a normal reaction of the body, but the anxiety in my heart still cannot be eliminated.What exactly does green mucus indicate?Am I infected with sexually transmitted diseases?This question is like a thorn, constantly stinging me.

I know I must go to the answer, so I decided to go to the hospital for examination.I told the doctor about me. She comforted me and said that it may be a private place, but it may also be a sexually transmitted disease, and it needs further examination.My heart is even more confusing in doubt, and I don’t know how to explain all this to Joseph.

Waiting for the results of the test results, the relationship between Joseph and I became more and more nervous.I am in my heart, how should I face if it is really a sexually transmitted disease, and should I tell Joseph that the relationship can continue.

A few days later, I got the results of the inspection. It turned out that I had a private place, which was caused by improper life of husband and wife.I took a breath, at least not a sexually transmitted disease.The doctor suggested that I pay attention to the hygiene of the life of husband and wife, and try to avoid unhygienic sexual behavior.

1. Preliminary understanding of private parts

Private inflammation is a common gynecological disease. Its main symptoms include privacy, odor secretions, and pain.These symptoms are not always easy to detect, especially in the early stages of private parts.At this time, you can find some possible problems by observing some changes on the underwear.

The serious inflammation of the private place

Environmental disorders in private parts: The existence of private inflammation will destroy the normal flora ecosystem in the private place, leading to changes in the pH value in the private parts.This environmental change makes pathogenic bacteria more likely to survive and reproduce, further aggravate the inflammatory response, and may cause recurrence and private inflammation.The disorders of the private environment increase the risk of infection and have a negative impact on the health of the private parts.

Affects the quality of life of husband and wife: Private parts are often accompanied by symptoms such as privacy, abnormal secretions, and pain.These symptoms will not only have a negative impact on the quality of life of patients, but also seriously affect the quality of life of their husband and wife.Pain and discomfort may make "interaction" painful or unpleasant, negatively affect desire and sexual satisfaction, which will affect psychological health and marriage.

Affected by fertility: Private inflammation that has not been treated in time may be infected to the reproductive organs such as uterus and fallopian tubes, causing more severe inflammation, such as uterine inflammatory disease and pelvic inflammatory disease.These inflammation may cause problems such as organ adhesion and tubal blockage, affecting conception and fertility.

Increasing the risk of complications: Long -term private inflammation may also increase the risk of patients with diseases such as urethral infections, cervicitis, and ovarian inflammation.These complications have a serious threat to women’s health and may need more complicated treatment and intervention measures.

Second, abnormal types on the underwear

Change of secretions: The color, texture, and taste of the privacy of the secretions are important indicators that can be followed.Normal privacy of secretions should be transparent or white, with thin texture and no obvious odor.If green, yellow, or milky white, the secretions with thicker texture, or the secretions have a odor, such as fishy smell, then it may be an early signal of private inflammation.

Painting: Under normal circumstances, underwear should not have stains such as blood stains or pus.If you find such a stain, you may need to be checked.

Unusual odor: Under normal circumstances, underwear should not have a strong, pungent or strange smell.If the underwear emits abnormal odors, it may be signs of private infection, bacterial infection or other diseases.

Wetness: The degree of humidity of the underwear should be acceptable, and it should not feel extremely humid or wet.Excessive humidity may be a manifestation of problems such as abnormal secretions, incontinence, urination, or excessive sweating.

Itching or discomfort: If you feel itching, burning, tingling or discomfort in the underwear area, it may be the symptoms of problems such as infection, fungal infection, and skin allergies.

Red swelling or rash: If the skin in the underwear area has abnormal symptoms such as redness, pain, damage, ulcer or rash, etc., it may be caused by allergies, infection or other skin problems.

Abnormal excrement: In addition to staining, if you find that there are unknown excreta on the underwear, such as pus, blood stains, tissues that fall off, may require further examination, because this may be a sign of disease or other problems.

Third, the connection between the abnormal underwear and the inflammation of the private place

The private parts are mainly due to the damage of the flora balance in the private parts, causing the pathogenic bacteria to reproduce a large amount, which in turn causes inflammation.This flora imbalance may be caused by various reasons such as sexual behavior, hygiene habits, hormonal changes, and decreased resistance.

The change of private secretions is the direct manifestation of this kind of unbalanced flora and inflammation.By observing the secretions on the underwear, the possibility of privacy can be found in time.

4. How to deal with the abnormal underwear?

Once abnormalities are found, you should go to the hospital in time to do further examination.

In order to maintain the health of privacy, it is necessary to adhere to good hygiene habits, avoid excessive frequent sexual behavior, avoid the use of nursing products that may damage the balance of the private cluster, and conduct regular gynecological examinations.Maintaining a healthy diet and living habits and improving resistance is also an important measure to prevent private inflammation.

Underwear is not just part of daily life, it can also be a window to monitor your health.Especially for women, by observing the abnormal performance on the underwear, you can detect and prevent gynecological diseases such as private parts early.If you have any doubts or questions, you should consult the doctor in time to obtain professional medical opinions.

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