What are the diseases of non -ejaculation disease?

Many patients want to understand the incidence of non -ejaculation, because the incidence of non -ejaculatory diseases in life is relatively high. Only if you know more about the onset of non -ejaculation, canFor more help, help everyone can restore a healthy body as soon as possible, so what are the diseases of non -ejaculatory disease?

No ejaculation, also known as ejaculation, refers to a normal sexual desire. The penile erection is normal. It can maintain erection and sexual intercourse in the vagina for a period of time, or even a long time, but the non -sex orgasm appears and cannot ejaculate.According to a survey by the famous Western sex scientists Masters and Johnson, 450 men’s sexual dysfunction patients, 17 of which are not ejaculated, accounting for 8%; Shanghai’s research report 2087 male infertility patients, not ejaculators32.39%; more than 70%of these people are caused by lack of sexual knowledge and incorrect intercourse methods.


1. Sexual ignorance.Before the wedding, both parties did not know what was going on with sexual intercourse, completely lacking sexual knowledge, and did not know what the other party had requirements, and even had fear of sexual relationships, or for shyness, to comfort me for a few months after marriage, never sexual intercourse;Some people do not know that the penis should be frequently and continuously rubbing in the vagina during sexual intercourse; many human knowledge is poor, the method is lost, the penis is inserted, and the stagnation of the vagina is not stagnant, not friction or friction, it does not arouse or fails to stimulate or fails to stimulate or fails.The intensity required to achieve the excitement of the ejaculation center is the most common cause of non -ejaculation; the sexual intercourse posture is wrong. Individuals do not even know the vaginal parts.Interrupt sexual intercourse, the penis is weak after urination, and sexual intercourse cannot continue.

2. Psychological factors.I’m not satisfied with the spouse, suspect that the wife has an affair;, Avoid sexual intercourse; or after marriage, afraid of his wife’s pregnancy, restraint attitude towards sexual life, and long -term suppression to form non -ejaculation conditions reflection.

3. Women’s factors.The female side is afraid of sexual intercourse pain, and she is afraid of cervicitis and cystitis and limits the man’s twitching; the woman’s physical fitness is poor, bored with sexual life, and frustration of the man’s sexual impulse.

4. Environmental factors.If the housing is narrow, the family is cohabited in the same room to form a sexual suppression.

5. Anatomy.The foreskin is too long.Rubbing in the vagina, the penis head is discomfort; the foreskin, pain, and sexual intercourse are forced to interrupt; severe sperm inflammation causes atrophic changes and cannot effectively participate in the ejaculation process.

Based on the introduction of the content of the above articles, everyone should also have more understanding of the disease causes of non -ejaculation. I hope that everyone can understand that the induction of these diseases can be more helpful in treatment.Everyone must be treated as soon as possible, and we must also adjust their mood to take the right care.

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