What are the difficulties and hardships of mothers in October?Born for a person, you should know

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In October, pregnant pregnancy is a particularly "tangled" thing. It carries the joy of parents and even the entire family. It is all sustenance and expectations.From a little bit to the belly, it becomes difficult to move at the end. It is suffering and torture.

Is it not easy for a woman to be pregnant in October?After reading these nine pictures, netizens burst into tears

1-4 weeks: fertilized eggs bed

The first is the fertilized egg in bed. When the "sperm" of hundreds of millions of "sperm" enters the body, there must be too many obstacles along the way. In the end, only one "sperm" can be reused through the uterine cavity to the fallopian tube, and eventually combines the eggs to form fertilized eggs.Immediately after the fertilized eggs found the appropriate position to bed, it means the stability of life and the beginning of the embryo period.The fastest period of growth.

This month’s female abdomen will be slightly sore, chest tenderness, easy fatigue, decreased appetite and so on.Some women may have symptoms like colds. In case of prevention, when women have a delay in their physiological period, they can test it with early pregnancy.

5-8 weeks: preliminary development of embryos

After the second month, the embryo is equivalent to soybeans. He began to have a person’s appearance characteristics. The outline of the face has appeared, and the limbs have a trend of differentiation.This small life can feel the stimulus of the outside world.

Pregnant mothers at this stage will have early pregnancy reactions.Not only does the chest tenderness, some pregnant mothers also have pregnancy vomiting. The stomach is like turning over the sea, and the appetite can not be ligted with any food. It will be drowsiness or poor sleep quality.

9-12 weeks: the gradual development of the five organs

The body of the baby in the third month is also rapidly developing, and it has completely possessed the shape of a human. The facial features and various organs are gradually developing. The baby will secrete some urine into the bladder.Start tossing his mother.

At this stage, pregnant mothers have become more intense, and their stomachs have begun to appear. As the baby’s body increases, it is compressed to the bladder of the pregnant mother and the phenomenon of frequent urination.

13-16 weeks: Preliminary development of the heart and the brain

The baby’s body is about 15 cm and about 120 grams in four months, and it is twice as long as before.The fetal baby at this stage is an important stage of the heart and the brain, and the pregnant mother has been able to perceive the fetal movement.

Although the pregnancy vomiting of pregnant mothers at this stage is slowly decreased, as the abdomen increases significantly, the growth of the fetus has accelerated, so the pregnant mother starts to eat particularly, the weight will rise, and there will be constipation, even all kinds of various typesThe secretions will also become more, which makes the pregnant mother very troublesome and embarrassing.

17-20 weeks: critical period of bone development

The fifth month is the bone of the baby’s baby, hair and nail development, and fetal movements are becoming more and more obvious.Pregnant mothers have increasing their food and their bodies are becoming full.But sleeping at night is a bit tortured, you can’t find a comfortable posture, fearing that you will accidentally hurt the baby.

21-24 weeks: human characteristics appear significantly

Six months after the baby’s baby, the condition of the big body was changed, the body was increasingly evenly, and the skin and facial features had grown.

The stomach of the pregnant mother becomes like cantaloupe, and the action will become slow, and it will also compress the pregnant mother to breathe.

25-28 weeks: further development of the eyes and brain

This stage is the critical period of the development of the eyes and the brain. Pregnant mothers can interact with the baby baby. Pregnant teachings listen to music and nature’s voice. They must also allow their father to participate in the baby’s interaction, which will help develop intelligence, enhance reactiveness and flexibility and flexibilityforce.

The good movement of the fetal baby will be manifested throughout the day. Sometimes, when the pregnant mother sleeps, she will go to two punch, or when the pregnant mother walks around, she can go to the sea at any time, so that the pregnant mother can cry and laugh.

29-36 weeks: the fetus gradually matures

The baby will grow very quickly at this stage, occupying a lot of position in the abdominal cavity of pregnant mothers, but because the physical fitness becomes larger, the active space becomes smaller, and the baby will become much quieter.

The stomach of the pregnant mother is like a basketball, and it will compress the large number of organs of pregnant mothers. There will be a condition of nausea, breathing, dizziness, and dizziness. In short, the pregnant mother is uncomfortable.

37-40 weeks: the fetus is completely mature, the birth of the baby

These weeks are the period of delivery for pregnant mothers. The baby’s baby has been fully developed, just like a timing bomb. It may be that the baby is born when the amniotic fluid breaks down, so the preparation of pregnant mothers at any time is also the most difficult to prepare for delivery.Phase.

After reading these pictures, netizens finally learned how difficult their mothers were pregnant in October, and they were crying.Because in October, pregnant mothers need to experience physical changes and pregnancy reactions, and there is a series of psychological changes in depression, fear and concerns, and those who have not experienced can not experience this feeling.

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